Star Multi Care Administrator receives Supreme Court County Mediation Certificate

Liza Erazo, the Administrator of the Star Multi Care Services’ Florida Branch, has recently received her Mediation Certificate from the Florida Supreme Court. Ms. Erazo has been in healthcare industry for over 30 years, 9 of which have been in home care, yet Liza feels this is a major accomplishment in her life. “I have always been an advocate for seniors”, Liza stated. She enjoys volunteering within several senior advocacy groups including her position as a Florida Elder Mediator, sitting on ... Read more

4 Tips to Help Prevent Arthritis Flare-ups

Senior Care in Lighthouse Point, FL One of the problems that many people experience with arthritis is that they can go for a few days or weeks with few to no symptoms and then suddenly they'll experience a flare-up. These flare-ups can be extremely painful and even debilitating for your loved one. Here are some things that you can do to help your loved one prevent some arthritis flare-ups. Stick with the Plan Depending on how advanced your loved one's arthritis is, he likely ... Read more

5 Signs that You Might Be More Stressed than You Think You Are

  Elderly Care West Palm Beach FL When you're caring for an elderly loved one, a lot of aspects of your own life take a back seat. Finally one day you wake up and realize that you're incredibly stressed and need to take some time away from the situation. Are there clues that could let you know you're getting that stressed, though? As a family caregiver, it's important to recognize when having some help from elder care providers and other family members would ... Read more

4 Tips to Protect Relationships While Caregiving

Caregiver in Wilton Manors FL Taking care of an elderly loved one when she needs you is a rewarding experience, but it can make your other relationships more difficult. This is especially the case with a spouse or a significant other since other responsibilities can pull you in different directions. Here are some tips you can try that can help. Communication Is Key When you're busy taking care of your elderly loved one and juggling all of your other responsibilities, it's really easy to ... Read more

A Guide to Assistive Tools that Can Help Arthritic Loved Ones at Home

Home Care in Lighthouse Point FL If your loved one is dealing with arthritis, she might be surprised at just how many tasks are more difficult for her now. The good news is that there is a whole world of adaptive tools out there that can make life easier for her. Wheeled Items Any home items that your loved one needs to move or use regularly are easier to use with wheels. Instead of wrestling with the trash can or other household item, your ... Read more

Elder Care Issues: Should You Use the Internet to Research Medical Issues?

Elder Care in Cooper City FL The Internet can be an exceptional resource for learning, communicating, simplifying your daily activities, and staying in touch with friends and family, and many people like to use that resource to help them understand when they start to experience new health symptoms. According to The Pew Research Center's Internet and American Life Project, around 35 percent of American adults have used the Internet to help them figure out what their symptoms meant, and even to diagnose ... Read more

Is Your Loved One A Hoarder?

Elderly Care in Pembroke Pines FL When it comes to the elder care and hoarding, family caregivers can be just as overwhelmed as their elderly loved one. Elderly hoarding, or Diogenes Syndrome, is a real and often overlooked problem. Letting go of possessions can be difficult, especially when those possessions are attached to memories. Diogenes Syndrome Diogenes syndrome, also known as senile squalor syndrome, is the diagnostic term for elderly hoarding. It is often characterized by extreme self-neglect, compulsive hoarding of garbage, domestic squalor, ... Read more

Helping Your Elderly Loved One Cope with Lactose Intolerance

Elderly Care in Southwest Ranches FL Lactose is a milk sugar that occurs naturally in milk and in dairy products. Cheese, yogurt, and even ice cream all contain a certain amount of lactose. Some people are intolerant of lactose, which means that their body cannot handle even a little bit of lactose and they experience discomfort or even more severe symptoms. Talk to Your Loved One's Doctor If the lactose intolerance comes on suddenly, definitely make it a point to talk to your loved ... Read more

Elders with Chronic Illnesses: Alternative Treatments to Consider

Elder Care in Weston FL While some medical conditions require prescription medication, there are some chronic illnesses that could be managed or cured with alternative treatment options. Older adults who are receiving elder care and are interested in natural ways to treat their pain or medical conditions may especially be eager to try these new methods because they do not have the same side effects that would be found in medication. However, if medication is necessary, combining it with these methods will ... Read more

5 Lifestyle Tips to Help Your Elderly Loved One Control His Weight

Elderly Care in Weston FL Weight gain can be dangerous for your elderly loved one because it can lead to him experiencing higher blood pressure, higher cholesterol levels, and even heart disease as well as other health issues. If your loved one is having difficulty controlling his weight on his own, here are some small changes you can help him to make that can make the job easier. Plan Out Meals and Shopping Trips Make sure that you plan out meals and what you ... Read more
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