What are Kidney Stones?

Connie was sitting with her 84-year-old father, Marshall, watching television when he began complaining of sharp pains in his back and side. When she asked him about it, he said he thought he might have a urinary tract infection because he had been going to the bathroom more frequently. Connie took him to the doctor where Marshall was told he had kidney stones. Senior Care in Pembroke Pines FL: Kidney Stones General Information About Kidney Stones If your aging relative is ... Read more

Accidental Poisoning in Seniors Can Be Prevented

Accidental poisoning is much more common than it should be, thanks to the increasing number of prescription drugs that seniors must take. While these medications keep disease and chronic illness under control, it’s not unusual for aging adults to have multiple pills they must take throughout the day. It doesn’t take much for seniors to mix up the medications and create an accidental poisoning. If family caregivers want to avoid taking their aging loved one to the ER, they should pay ... Read more

What Can You Do When Your Senior Says She Doesn’t Want to Be a Burden?

A common refrain from aging family members is that they don’t want to be a burden to their family members. That can mean something slightly different for each aging adult, but the idea is the same. There’s something that you need to solve for your senior. Picture of a senior lady with her friendly caregiver in the park back view Get Some Information The first step when your senior is making these noises is to get some information. Why does she ... Read more

Does Your Older Family Member Need Elderly Care?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell when an elderly member of your family needs help. Certainly, if you ask them, they’re likely to say they are fine and don’t need assistance. They may even refuse help when it is freely offered. However, that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t benefit from elderly care. If you’re uncertain whether your aging relative needs an elderly care provider, below are some signs that suggest they do. Caregiver in Pembroke Pines FL: Elderly Care High Fall Risk Falls are ... Read more

The Value of Home Care After Hip Surgery

More than 300,000 people experience a hip fracture in the United States each year. The vast majority of these people will be over the age of 65, and the leading cause of a hip fracture is a fall. Though it requires much more force to cause such an injury to younger adults, a seemingly minor fall or impact can severely injure older adults, particularly one who may struggle with health problems that lead to a low bone density such as osteoporosis. ... Read more

What Do You Need to Know About Being a Family Caregiver After Your Senior Has a Stroke

Each year throughout the United States are more than 800,000 strokes. Stroke is the leading cause of long term disability among adults in the United States, and one of the leading causes of death among both men and women. If you are a family caregiver for an elderly adult who has suffered a stroke, it is important to prepare yourself for the challenges you will face caring for your senior, so you can help them to make the most of their ... Read more

Making Cooking Less Painful if Your Senior Has Arthritis

Cooking is one of those activities that you might not think twice about, but if it’s painful for your senior, she might skip it. Arthritis makes all sorts of daily activities, including cooking even a small meal, really painful and difficult to do.   Use Tools that Require Less Dexterity Ergonomic cooking utensils, like spoons and whisks that have larger handles, can make it easier for your senior to grip them. Likewise, chopping tools and food processors can make using a knife less necessary ... Read more

Your Senior Has Heart Failure. Now What?

Heart failure is a misleading term, but it’s a phrase your senior might hear well before she’s ready for it. This condition means that your senior’s heart isn’t working the way that it should in one or more ways and that’s affecting how the rest of her body works. Heart failure can be manageable for a long time.     Every Diagnosis Is Slightly Different Heart failure covers a lot of ground, medically speaking. Your senior might be in the earlier stages of heart failure with ... Read more

What to Expect After an Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

In 2018, the Alzheimer's Association found 5.7 million men and women in the U.S. had Alzheimer's. An Alzheimer's diagnosis is frightening to the man or woman diagnosed with the disease, it also impacts friends and family. More than 16 million people provide care to a friend or family member with dementia. That care is unpaid and puts a strain on the family caregiver.       It's a good time to dig in and learn as much as you can. Start with books like The 36-Hour ... Read more

JANUARY 26 Respite Care Services Make it Possible to Celebrate Spouse’s Day

January 26th is National Spouse's Day. What is Spouse's Day? It's a day for spouse's to spend quality time together without letting work and other personal responsibilities get in the way. When you're a family caregiver, it can be very hard to walk away from your parent. It is essential that you do take time for your spouse.     Facts About Marriage and Divorce In 2016, the CDC reported there were more than 2.2 million marriages in the U.S. There were also more than 827,000 ... Read more
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