Understanding Rheumatoid Arthritis and Simple Ways to Ease the Pain

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is more complicated than a lot of arthritis types.  Arthritis itself is about inflammation of the joints like knees and fingers.  However, RA doesn’t just affect the joints. What RA does is attack the lining of the joints.  This can do damage to the bone itself. Too, rather than just inflaming the joints, RA can affect many more areas of the body including the heart, lungs, kidneys, eyes, blood vessels, bone marrow, and even the skin. RA is caused by ... Read more

Is Volunteering a Good Idea for Your Elderly Loved One?

When evaluating your elderly loved one’s life and their need for care, it is easy to focus completely on their physical health challenges, needs, and limitations, but these are not the only issues that you should address when trying to give your loved one the quality of life that you know they need and deserve. It is also extremely important for you to make efforts to support and improve their mental and emotional health as they age in place. Many elderly ... Read more

Steps to Take When Mom Can No Longer Grasp Reality

Caregiver in West Palm Beach FL Your mother can no longer grasp reality. She may have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s several years ago and at the time you and your father were doing whatever you could to help her. You know that the average life expectancy for somebody diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease is between eight and 10 years, but maybe you didn’t expect her to lose her grasp on reality so quickly. It may only be a couple of years after diagnosis. How ... Read more

What Are the Most Common Symptoms of Congestive Heart Failure?

Home Care in Boca Raton FL Before your elderly loved one shows significant problems with her heart, she may show more subtle symptoms of congestive heart failure. Knowing what to look for can help you get her to her doctor much more quickly than you might have. Fatigue When your loved one's heart isn't able to function properly, she's likely to feel sluggish and fatigued. The problem is multifold, since the body isn't getting what it needs from the circulatory system. What this can ... Read more

Caregivers and Stress – Learning to Ask for Help

Senior Care in Wilton Manors FL For some family caregivers, asking for help is not an option. This could be because they are feeling overwhelmed and do not want to burden others with the same stress they have. Or it could be perhaps the fact that they do not know how to approach others with this request. If you are in need of an extra hand or two to help with the caregiving responsibilities, these tips will help you ask for assistance from ... Read more

Encouraging an Elderly Parent to Eat Healthy Meals and Snacks

Elder Care in Lighthouse Point FL Proper nutrition becomes even more important as our parents age due to their deteriorating strength and metabolism. Even their bones will become more fragile as they get older. While the older adult may be unable to control their physical health, they can improve it by eating healthy meals and snacks.This is a task that can be difficult for many older adults, so here are some things that can be done in order to point your parent ... Read more

Creating a Safe Space for your Aging Parent

Elderly Care in Cooper City FL One of the greatest risks to an aging parent living at home is falling. Falls are the leading cause of injuries among the elderly. It is estimated that every 11 seconds, an older adult is treated in an emergency room due to a fall. After a fall, fear may lead to less movement, which in turn leads to a decrease in muscle strength and balance, and a vicious cycle erupts. In addition, this fear then results ... Read more

Tips for Managing a Trip to the Emergency Room with Your Senior

Caregiver in Pembroke Pines FL If you are like most family caregivers, you will encounter situations in your care experience with your elderly loved one when they will require a trip to the emergency room. While this is not something that you want to happen or something that you can usually predict, it is vital that you prepare yourself as much as possible. This ensures that if this situation does occur, you can respond promptly and effectively to ensure that they get ... Read more

How to Help Keep Your Loved One’s Eyesight from Affecting Her Driving Abilities

Home Care in Southwest Ranches FL Your loved one's ability to see properly can be one of the first problems that can keep her out of the driver's seat. Maintaining her independence is important to her, so it's a top priority for you to make sure that her eyesight is up to the task of driving. Schedule Yearly Eye Appointments If your elderly loved one's eyesight has been good for a long time, she may not feel as though she needs to see her ... Read more

4 Unusual Ways to Keep an Elderly Loved One from Wandering

Senior Care in Weston FL Elderly loved ones with dementia are extremely likely to wander, which can be a difficult habit to curtail. Try some of these ideas. Keep Essentials for Going out Put Away Some elderly loved ones have to have specific items with them when they're going out. This could be a jacket, a handbag, or even a particular pair of shoes. Try keeping those items put up out of sight from your loved one. This may inspire your loved one to ... Read more
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