5 Things to Remember when Moving a Senior

Senior Care in Coconut Creek FL For most seniors, making a change of address after retirement is a necessity. Finding a smaller home is usually needed due to the less maintenance and worry that comes with downsizing. Here are some of the things that adult children need to remember when trying to successfully move their senior parent.1.  Preparation is everythingThe process of moving can be a stressful one without the right amount of planning. Taking the time to make an adequate plan will allow ... Read more

Strategies for Dealing with Caregiver Guilt

Caregiver in Lauderhill FL It is common for a family caregiver to experience feelings of guilt during their time of caring for an elderly parent. This is typically referred to as caregiver guilt. There are a number of different causes why you may experience caregiver’s guilt. As a family caregiver, you may feel as though you aren't trying hard enough or that it is wrong of you to take a moment to yourself. Feelings of guilt may also arise because you believe ... Read more

3 Things every Special Needs Parent should know

Pediatric Home Health Care in Delray Beach FL There are many challenges that come with being a parent, and these challenges can be magnified when a child has special needs. Usually, a child that has special needs will require some variety of pediatric nursing care. Below are a few tips to follow to help ease the process of pediatric home care and for the overall care of their special needs child.1.  There is support out thereAmong the first things that parents of ... Read more

Foodborne Illness and Older Adults

Senior Care in Delray Beach FL Foodborne illness affects over 48 million adults each year in the United States, causing thousands of hospitalizations and deaths, reports the National Institutes of Health. This is causes from eating foods that are contaminated with bacteria, viruses or parasites. It is very common for a family caregiver to be surprised to learn that seniors are at an increased risk for food poisoning than younger adults.Why Are Seniors At A Greater Risk?As a person ages, the stomach ... Read more

Pediatric Home Care: How to Help Children Relieve Their Anxiety

Pediatric Home Health Care in Deerfield Beach FL Anxiety is a normal part of life for most adults, due to upcoming projects at work, an overwhelming amount of bills, or trying to balance work and personal lives. While most of us know how to cope with these feelings, anxiety is something that many children receiving pediatric home care do not know how to control. Children who have medical needs and have had to make numerous trips to the hospital for physical exams, ... Read more

Teaching the Elderly New Ways of Eating

Elderly Care in Boynton Beach FL The sad truth is that as people age, they suffer reduced access to food, less ability to prepare fresh, whole healthy meals themselves, and a greater chance of becoming malnourished. Eating the wrong foods, in turn, makes people more susceptible to diseases, especially heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer.If you’re worried about the way an aging parent or elderly family member eats, it might be time to do something about it. Even small changes that get ... Read more

5 Ways to Celebrate “Sweetest Day” with a Senior October 17

Senior Care in Boca Raton FL On the third Saturday in October, some people in the nation will celebrate "Sweetest Day."  While it is mostly celebrated throughout the Northeast and Great Lakes Regions, it's a day to sweets no matter where you live.  So what exactly is Sweetest Day?It's a day to remember the marginalized members of our society; the orphans, the sick, and the elderly as well as our friends and family and anyone that has ever helped us, shown us ... Read more


Employees appear on The Dr. Oz Show On Monday, September 21, 2015 three Star Multi Care employees were seen on The Dr. Oz Show which highlighted the nursing profession.  The feature entitled, “Nurses Unite” spotlighted nurses and the nursing profession after a social media controversy ensued following a comment made from one of the hosts of The View after Miss Colorado’s utilized a nursing monologue during the talent competition of the Miss America pageant.To show his support of her efforts and the ... Read more

Star Multi Care Finds a Shining Star

Shining Star:  Judith Thomassini, LPN Finding reliable and trustworthy staff is probably the most difficult task of any Administrator’s job.  Claudia Lobo, the Administrator of Star Multi Care Services’ Fort Lauderdale office is thrilled when she finds an employee like Judith Thomassini, LPN, one of her Shining Stars.Judith was referred to Star Multi Care by her friend in June of 2014.  “Star Multi Care is a very nice place to work and the staff are wonderful to work for, Judith said.  She had ... Read more

5 Causes of Memory Issues

Elderly Care in Coconut Creek FL If your elderly loved one is experiencing trouble with her memory, she may be anxious and upset about what that might mean for her. There are quite a few causes of memory issues, and many of them are both temporary and reversible.MedicationMedications do wonderful things. They can help to do away with illnesses and make chronic conditions easier to cope with. Occasionally, one of the side effects of a medication may be memory loss, however. In ... Read more
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