Chair Exercises for Seniors

Chair exercises are a wonderful way to boost the mental and physical health of those receiving elderly care. The exercises are not too strenuous, nor do they take up a lot of time, but spending 15 to 20 minutes three days a week can improve muscle tone, make daily activities easier and benefit balance. Caregivers can lead those receiving senior care through a few minutes of daily exercise. This is a way to connect with each other and improve moods, especially on ... Read more

General Guidelines Regarding Senior Care and Durable Medical Equipment

Senior Care in Deerfield Beach FL If your aging parents are receiving home care services, chances are they are going to need durable medical equipment to help them live as independently as possible. When it comes to senior care and the utilization of durable medical equipment, consider following the guidelines below. Durable Medical Equipment Durable medical equipment must meet the following criteria: Ability to withstand repeated use Must be used for medical reasons only It is not usable for anyone who is not sick, injured, or receiving ... Read more

Transitioning from Child to Family Caregiver for Aging Parent

Caregiver in Pompano Beach FL Imagine having elderly parents who live by themselves, while their children live a large distance from them. That scenario alone is not a scary one, but knowing that your parents are frail and one fall could be fatal or severe injury could cause the adult child to constantly fear receiving the phone call that their parent is in the hospital. Whether the parent is suffering from an injury or has an illness such as dementia, they no ... Read more

Exercise for Better Brain Health

Senior Care in Pompano Beach FL Most of us know that as a person gets older, they benefit from modest exercise in order to maintain or improve physical health. A new study from the University of Kansas Medical Center, just released in July 2015, found that exercise also improves brain health. Exercise for Brain Health Dr. Jeffrey Burns, who is the University of Kansas Alzheimer's Disease Center’s co-director and a professor who specializes in neurology was in charge of the trial. Older adults, who ... Read more

Video: Stephen Sternbach Interviewed About StarMultiCare of Florida

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Arts & Crafts Projects During Home Care

Home Care in Pompano Beach FL Structuring a day around arts and crafts projects is an excellent way for families to help their aging loved ones stay engaged, remain active, and keep their minds busy. Often times these types of projects result in improvements in mental health, their general well-being, and memory. There are some seniors, however, who are not interested in being artistic and would rather work on projects where physical work is involved. This is fine if their joints and ... Read more

4 Unusual Symptoms of a UTI in an Elderly Relative

Elderly Care in Delray Beach FL Urinary tract infections, also known as UTIs, are astonishingly common for elderly loved ones. Often the symptoms are the usual ones: pain during urination, cloudy urine, and a general feeling of being unwell. Our elderly relatives, however, may have dramatically different symptoms. In fact, they may not even know that they have a UTI until the infection progresses to the point that they are extremely ill. With the help of elder care support, you can help ... Read more

The Refrigerator Can Point to the Need for Home Care for a Senior Living Alone

Home Care in Margate FL For people concerned about their aging loved ones, especially parents who may be living at home alone, it can be difficult to determine whether they actually require some assistance, such as a home care aide. There may be certain health issues they’re dealing with on a regular basis. They may have been hospitalized recently following a heart attack or stroke, had major surgery, or have been dealing with some other serious issue. Those situations can certainly point to ... Read more

Employment Opportunities in Southeastern Florida

Employment Opportunities Star Multi Care would like you to join our Florida team.  We are a premier home health care provider servicing clients in Broward, Palm Beach, Miami-Dade and surrounding areas.  We offer a competitive wage and benefit package including bonuses.  Call today to schedule an interview at 954-962-0926 or visit us online at The following positions are currently available: Marketer / Home Care Liaison; Full Time – knowledge of in-home care, physician contacts a plus Certified Home Health Aide – varying shifts and ... Read more

4 Signs Mom May be Having Trouble with Her Eyesight and How Home Care Services Can Help

Home Care Services in Tamarac FL As people get older, they develop a number of skills. One of the skills is the ability to hide certain health issues that begin to arise. There may be a number of reasons why people try to disguise health issues; one of those is to avoid potential diagnosis they simply don’t want to hear. If you are concerned about your mothers’ eyesight, it’s important to encourage her to make an appointment with her eye doctor.  If she ... Read more
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