Mom is Suddenly Losing Weight: Why It’s Time to Step Up and Consider Senior Care

Pompano Beach, FL - Mom is Suddenly Losing Weight: Why It’s Time to Step Up and Consider Senior Care Even though you live less than an hour away from your mother, you haven’t gotten into the habit of stopping by and visiting with her on a regular basis.  You worry about her health and safety because she lives alone. You call her daily to ask if she needs anything, but she keeps telling you she’s fine and not to worry. You have a ... Read more

Recommended Good Reads for Families With Sick Children

Pediatric Home Health Care in Delray Beach, FL – Recommended Good Reads for Families With Sick Children There have been some really great books written lately for children dealing with various illnesses and their siblings. It can be difficult for brothers and sisters of a sick child to understand what’s going on. Here are some of the top picks: 1.      What About Me?: Well Children With Sick Siblings by William G. Bentrim. This book is about a little family of children (with animal faces). ... Read more

Senior Care: Fight Insomnia with These Foods

Senior Care in Tamarac, FL - Fighting Insomnia Although seniors require more sleep as they get older, many don’t get adequate rest. As many as 44 percent of seniors struggle with symptoms of insomnia, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Sleep improves health and increases energy, so when seniors fail to get a good night’s rest on a regular basis, they face an increased risk of developing dementia and other cognitive disorders. If you are a senior home care service provider caring ... Read more

Pediatric Home Health Care – Benefits of Art Therapy for Children

Pediatric Home Health Care in Delray Beach, FL – Benefits of Art Therapy for Children When you have an ill child at home receiving pediatric nursing care, it may not always be feasible to take him or her out to an art therapy class. Yet the benefits of art therapy are so great, it would be worth bringing in an expert for a few hours or trying to do it for your child on your own with a little bit of education. ... Read more

Here are 4 Exercises You Should Encourage Your Loved One to Try if their Doctor Has Given Permission to Exercise.

4 Exercises Every Elder Care Patient in Boca Raton, FL Can Try Exercise is one of the most commonly focused on changes that people make in each new year. These resolutions often last about 2 to 4 weeks before they are left behind in the dustbins of yesteryear. Exercise is essential for not just physical health and well-being, but for mental health and other tremendous benefits and it is essential for those individuals who rely on elder care, just as it is ... Read more

Does Your Child Have Asthma? Here are Six Ways to Keep Your Home Dust and Allergen-Free.

Pediatric Home Health Care near Deerfield Beach, FL – Allergies and Asthma Vacuuming may not always be the best solution to combat dust mites and allergens. Keeping your child’s allergic symptoms under control requires a slightly different approach. Here are six simple ways to keep your home dust and allergen-free: A normal vacuum will actually stir up fine dust that can exacerbate your child’s allergic symptoms. In this case, it is best to vacuum when the child is out of the house—at school, ... Read more

Does Your Elderly Loved One Drink Coffee All Day? How Much Is Too Much?

Elder Care near Boynton Beach, FL: Does Coffee and Tea Count towards Hydration? Scientists used to think drinking coffee with high levels of caffeine caused the body to lose water. Recent discoveries have proven tea and coffee to be a great way of providing the fluids which are necessary to keep the body hydrated. When counting up how many glasses of water you drink on a daily basis, WebMD has this to say, “Coffee and tea also count in your tally. Many ... Read more

Did You Know Stress Can Affect You Not Just Emotionally, but also Take a Toll on Your Physical Health? Find Out How it Affected Mary.

Getting Sick More Often When Providing Senior Care near Coconut Creek, FL Could be a Sign of Stress “One Daughter Being Her Mother’s Caregiver near Coconut Creek, FL” Mary had always been considered a healthy woman. She rarely got sick, even when she was raising three children. As she got a little bit older, she expected to have to deal with various health issues, but for the most part she never had to take a sick day from work and her friends had ... Read more

Is Your Child Suffering from a Chronic Disorder? Learn Why It Is So Important to Allow Them To Do as Much on Their Own as Possible.

Pediatric Home Health Care near Pompano Beach, FL – Encouraging Independence and Meeting Needs When a child is suffering from a serious or a chronic disorder, the first thing on a parent’s mind is to do all they can to help the child overcome the condition as quickly as possible, and with as much ease and as little pain as possible. Parents try to think more of what works effectively towards the child’s early recovery. The following ways can be adopted to ... Read more

Are You Experiencing Caregiver Guilt at the Moment? Learn Here Ways to Work Through this Unpleasant Emotion.

Elder Care near Coconut Creek, FL – Dealing with Caregiver Guilt Guilt is a normal emotion. Anyone who has family, friends, or caregiving relationships is bound to feel guilt at one time or another. While this emotion is unpleasant and may seem unnecessary, in reality it can actually be helpful. The feeling of guilt is your mind letting you know you have broken one of your own moral rules. It’s important to take care of guilt as soon as it arises and ... Read more
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