Caregiver Indulgence: Smoothing Homemade Lip Balm

Caregiver in Margate FL Your lips are one of the most sensitive areas of your body. Constantly exposed to the elements, your lips have only a very thin layer of skin. During the day you eat, drink, talk, lick, and do many other things that put the health of your skin at risk. When they start to feel dry, chapped, or even split, you probably reach for a tube of commercial lip balm to soothe them. While these products may feel good ... Read more

Make Sure Mom Can Contact Emergency Personnel if Needed: Senior Care Considerations

Senior Care in Tamarac CA The commonly overlooked consideration when it comes to any type of senior care is whether or not the elderly individual would know what to do if they had to contact emergency personnel. May 17th through the 23rd is EMS Week, and that makes this a great opportunity to discuss the prospect of a senior having to call emergency services, whether it’s for themselves, a spouse, a friend, or other loved one. Dialing 911 is easy. The vast majority of ... Read more

Keeping Your Seniors Healthier and Happier While Aging in Their Own Homes

Elder Care in Deerfield Beach FL As people are thinking ahead about their retirement years and beyond, agencies like the American Association of Retired Persons, (AARP), have begun a dialog about what will make the seniors in our country happiest in their retirement years. Here are some important facts to begin thinking about as a senior citizen or as a family member of a senior citizen. Upwards of sixty-nine percent of seniors think about their ability to live independently during their retirement years; seventy-five to ... Read more

When You’re Stressed as a Caregiver for Mom, it Could be Affecting Your Blood Pressure

Caregiver in Tamarac FL National High Blood Pressure Awareness Month is May and if you are feeling stressed and anxious as a caregiver for your aging mother, it could be affecting many aspects of your life, including blood pressure. Blood pressure essentially measures the pressure in the arteries while your heart is beating as well as when it is at rest. There are two numbers associated with blood pressure, the systolic and diastolic. The systolic is the first number, or the higher of ... Read more

Florida Administrator receives MBA

Claudia Lobo - Florida Administrator receives MBA Claudia Lobo, the Administrator of the Star Multi Care Services’ Florida Branch, has recently received her Master Degree in Business Administration from Grand Canyon University.  Although Claudia has only been in her current role for a few months, she has been working with Star Multi Care Services in a supervisory capacity since 2014.  She came to the home health care company after working for one of their competitors for two years.  “I felt Star Multi Care ... Read more

Caring for a Child with a Disability May Affect Mothers as they Age

Elder Care in Pompano Beach FL It's no surprise that caring for a child with a disability is difficult. It can really take a toll on the caregiver, which is usually the child's mother. After years of caring for a disabled child, a mother's brain may even be forever changed, which could lead to a decline in cognitive skills as she ages. A new study published in The Journals of Gerontology: Series B shows that moms who have children with special needs ... Read more

Home Care Can Help – Transitioning from Hospital to Home

Home Care in Boca Raton FL For many seniors who are being discharged from the hospital, the toughest part of their recovery is when they transition from the hospital to home. It is common for the elderly to think that once they are discharged, they are well enough to care for themselves at home.  In reality, it typically means the start of a whole new routine, which includes different medications, resting and/or tending to bandages. Fortunately, there are home care providers who ... Read more

Eating Healthier by Growing Your Own Food: Caregiver Thoughts on Gardening

Caregiver in Boynton FL In recent years there has been a greater push for people to pay attention to the foods they eat, especially fruits and vegetables. While there are GMOs (Genetically Modified Organics) that have gained a lot of attention recently because they are potentially harmful for human consumption, the notion of gardening and growing one’s own fruits and vegetables has been around for many generations.  As people moved away from farms and toward the bigger cities in pursuit of a ... Read more

Managing Chronic Pain through Exceptional Senior Care

Senior Care in Boynton Beach FL As people get older they may be dealing with a variety of physical challenges. One of those challenges could be related to increased pain and discomfort. When senior care is necessary, there are things an experienced caregiver may be able to do to help manage chronic pain. Only a doctor can prescribe medications and most senior care services will not be certified or permitted to administer those medications, but the senior will likely be able to organize ... Read more

Elder Care for the Client with COPD

Elder Care in Margate FL Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, also commonly referred to as COPD, is a very serious health condition that can affect people as they age. The most significant risk factor associated with COPD is smoking, but other people can develop this condition as well. Getting proper elder care for somebody with COPD can have a lasting impact on the quality of their life. Below are some interesting facts about COPD that family members and others should learn so that they ... Read more
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