Is Your Loved One Showing any of Signs of Dementia? Watch for these Key Signs .

Elderly Care in Boca Raton, FL – Recognizing the Signs of Dementia Have you experienced awkward or out-of-character behaviors from your aging loved ones? Embarrassing behavior in public, fighting with you and your siblings, losing large amounts of money on poor investments, or accusing spouses of extramarital affairs? It could likely be due to dementia. Dementia is a scary condition for both seniors and their loved ones. Often friends and families can miss important warning signs that their loved ones are developing a ... Read more

Veterans Assistance programs offered at Star Multi Care Services

VETERAN HERO ON ALL THE BATTLEFIELDS When you meet Tracy Clark, Administrator of the Pembroke Pines office of Star Multi Care Services, you immediately notice her petite stature and sweet personality and know instantly that she is a caring, kind-hearted person. However, it is not until she opens up to reveal her past that you become aware of the true hero behind her sweet innocence and energetic charisma. Her unparalleled enthusiasm has gotten the attention of both military and corporate leaders alike who ... Read more

Tips for Creating More Family Time

Pediatric Home Health Care near Coconut Creek, FL It’s common for today’s busy families to have a hard time finding ways to spend enough family time together. Between busy schedules, parents working and older children in school, it can be tricky to find ways to increase quality time spent together as a family. When you have a child with special health needs, it’s another consideration to make. The parenting experts over at have some suggestions for saving time on the responsibilities of ... Read more

Like I Actually Care! How Sarcasm Can Hurt Others

Caregivers near Coconut Creek, FL: Remember to Speak positively at all times There was a recent series of comments circulating across social media networks that professed to the fact that people who are sarcastic tend to be more intelligent than those who are not. While the scientific research behind this may be lacking, it’s important to note that for the elderly caregiver, it doesn’t matter whether you believe that you were highly intelligent or not, sarcasm really has no place when providing ... Read more

Week October 19th thru October 25th is Respiratory Awareness Week- Learn Tips on How to Keep your Respiratory System Healthy

Pediatric Home Health Care – A Breath of Fresh Air October 19-25 is Respiratory Care Week. During this week there will be many activities and programs to raise awareness about respiratory care. The American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) will be promoting awareness of health issues relating to lungs. There will also be celebrations giving credit to the work respiratory care professionals do around the country as well as world-wide. Respiratory Care Week was first established in 1982. If you have a child ... Read more

Have You Wondered Why Some Home Care Services Treat their Patients Like Clients? Learning Different Approaches.

Finding a Right Caregiver for Mom when Hiring Home Care Services in Boca Raton, FL Cara had encouraged her mother to hire home care services. Cara knew that her mother needed some help around the house. She had fallen a couple times and was beginning to struggle with her own hygiene. Cara talked to her mother for a long period of time about home care services, but it took several months to convince her that it was the right decision. One of Cara’s ... Read more

September 27th is World Tourism Day

Dad Always Wanted to Travel, but Isn’t It Too Late Since He Relies on Elderly Care in Delray Beach, FL Growing up my father would talk about so many places around the world that he always wanted to visit. He would talk about these destinations as though he’d already been there. He knew so much about them but he could never visit them because he was working and struggling just to make ends meet. Now that he relies on elderly care, and ... Read more

What Do You Know About Shingles?

Senior Care in Boca Raton, FL Anybody who has had chickenpox when they were younger still has the virus inside them. This is a specific type of virus that becomes dormant and could come back when the person is an older adult. It especially affects older individuals who have weakened immune systems. For anyone who provides or relies on senior care, it’s important to understand this serious health risk. You’re never too old to get shingles. Shingles is often associated with a painful condition ... Read more

Is it the Right Time to Hire a Caregiver for Mom?

One Long-Distance Caregiver’s Story In Boca Raton, FL: Is It Enough Linda had been concerned about her mother’s well-being for a long time. Ever since her mother had turned 78 and began to have more and more health problems, Linda knew that she needed some type of caregiver. She decided even though she lived more than three hours away that she would be her mother’s caregiver. She wasn’t going to be providing home care in the traditional sense of the word. She was ... Read more

Caregivers in Pembroke Pines, FL Battling Stress – Top Tips to Relax

The way to nip stress in the bud is to try and keep the levels as low as possible. Because there are things that can come up on a daily basis that could be stress-inducing, it’s a really good idea to get in the habit of continually keeping the stress levels from increasing. Stress builds up and if not taken care of, can land you in a state of overwhelm. One way to combat stress is to have some strategies that ... Read more
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