Tips for Managing a Trip to the Emergency Room with Your Senior

Caregiver in Pembroke Pines FL If you are like most family caregivers, you will encounter situations in your care experience with your elderly loved one when they will require a trip to the emergency room. While this is not something that you want to happen or something that you can usually predict, it is vital that you prepare yourself as much as possible. This ensures that if this situation does occur, you can respond promptly and effectively to ensure that they get ... Read more

How to Help Keep Your Loved One’s Eyesight from Affecting Her Driving Abilities

Home Care in Southwest Ranches FL Your loved one's ability to see properly can be one of the first problems that can keep her out of the driver's seat. Maintaining her independence is important to her, so it's a top priority for you to make sure that her eyesight is up to the task of driving.Schedule Yearly Eye AppointmentsIf your elderly loved one's eyesight has been good for a long time, she may not feel as though she needs to see her ... Read more

4 Unusual Ways to Keep an Elderly Loved One from Wandering

Senior Care in Weston FL Elderly loved ones with dementia are extremely likely to wander, which can be a difficult habit to curtail. Try some of these ideas.Keep Essentials for Going out Put AwaySome elderly loved ones have to have specific items with them when they're going out. This could be a jacket, a handbag, or even a particular pair of shoes. Try keeping those items put up out of sight from your loved one. This may inspire your loved one to ... Read more

Is Stroke a Real Risk for Your Elderly Parent?

Elder Care in Delray Beach FL Each year approximately 800,000 people throughout the United States suffers a first or subsequent stroke. The fifth leading cause of death throughout the nation, stroke occurs when a blood vessel is either blocked or ruptures, ending the blood flow from that particular blood vessel to the area of the brain that it impacts. When this happens, the brain does not get the oxygen and nutrients that it needs and the cells within it begin to die, ... Read more

Treatment Options for Seniors with High Cholesterol

Elderly Care in West Palm Beach FL Seniors with high cholesterol are at risk for a number of life-threatening health problems, such as stroke or a heart attack. However, making healthy lifestyle choices combined with the right medication will significantly reduce your loved one's risk of health complications. Are you concerned that your parent will be unable to make the right choices for their health, an elderly care provider can be hired. This professional caregiver can provide the encouragement and motivation the elder ... Read more

Choosing the Right Footwear for Your Caregiver Efforts

Caregiver in Boynton Beach FL There are some steps that you take to get yourself ready in the morning that you likely put little thought into before your journey as a family caregiver but that you should now consider much more. One of these is what shoes you are going to wear. Before you started caring for your parent you might have thought about issues such as whether the shoes were comfortable, if they went with the outfit you chose for the ... Read more

Could Your Aging Parent be Suffering from a Stroke?

Home Care in Delray Beach FL A stroke is known as a “silent killer” because its victim often does not realize they are having a stroke until it is too late. The symptoms may appear to be related to other health problems or simply a part of aging. Strokes happen when an adequate amount of blood is unable to make its way to the brain, causing the brain tissue to be deprived of oxygen. Depending on how severe the stroke is, the ... Read more

How Elders can Prevent Heart Disease

Elder Care in West Palm Beach FL Heart disease is a common problem among older adults. According to Everyday Health, approximately 84 percent of people over the age of 65 will die from heart disease. However, this does not have to be the outcome that your loved one endures. With a healthy diet, regular exercise, and help from an elder care provider, your aging parent can live a long, healthy life that is free of heart disease. SymptomsThe symptoms of heart disease do ... Read more

How Can a GPS Tracker Help You with an Elderly Loved One Who Wanders?

Elderly Care in Boca Raton FL Using a GPS tracker can be more helpful than you might realize if you have a loved one who tends to wander.Devices Use GPS to Pinpoint Your Loved One's LocationGPS, or Global Positioning System, uses satellite transmissions to accurately pinpoint locations on a map. You're probably most familiar with GPS in terms of using it to give you directions when you're following a route you don't know. In terms of keeping your elderly loved one safe, ... Read more

Coping with Grief That Can Arise During the Holiday Season

Senior Care in Boynton Beach FL The holiday season is often referred to as “the most wonderful time of the year” and is an opportunity for you to spend quality time with your family and friends making treasured memories that you can carry with you well into the future. This is a time of honored traditions, fun experiences, and special celebrations that people look forward to all year. With all of the fun, joy, and excitement that comes along with these celebrations, ... Read more
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