Could RBD Sleep Behavior Disorder be a Factor in Dementia?

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A study by Denmark’s Aarhus University found a link between the sleep disorder known as RBD and certain forms of dementia. People with RBD have lower levels of dopamine and show increased signs of brain inflammation. For people with RBD, this could be an indicator of a higher risk of Parkinson’s disease, Lewy Bodies, and other forms of dementia.


Caregiver in Coconut Creek FL: RBD Sleep Behavior Disorder

Caregiver in Coconut Creek FL: RBD Sleep Behavior Disorder


There is the possibility that this sleep disorder could lead to certain forms of dementia. As RBD is treatable with certain antidepressants, there is hope that future studies may find treatments can slow the progression.


What is RBD?

REM Sleep Behavior Disorder (RBD) is a state of sleep where the body acts out dreams. The person might dream they’re being chased and punch or kick at the air or person sleeping next to them. They might dream they’re in the mall and start asking people to move out loud while sleeping. The disorder is always characterized by jerking, punching, kicking, talking, and yelling while asleep.


Studies Linking RBD to Parkinson’s

In the 18-month study of 39 men and women, it was found that the cells that should be producing dopamine become inflamed. This impacts the production of dopamine. With the lower levels of dopamine, a high-risk of dementia or Parkinson’s disease set in.

According to Dr. Schneck and Dr. Mahowald, more than one-third of healthy patients diagnosed with RBD went on to develop Parkinson’s or a form of dementia. As Parkinson’s disease occurs frequently in brains where dopamine levels are low, it’s believed the dopamine production is the main link between the two.

With this initial study completed, plans are to complete additional studies with a larger test group. Follow-up interviews taken years down the road are also planned.


What If Your Dad Has Parkinson’s?

If your dad has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease or another form of dementia, he will need help around the home. As the tremors and rigid muscles worsen, he’ll have a hard time with mobility. Standing to cook a meal, getting in and out of a shower, and cleaning his house may seem impossible to manage without help.


Caregivers can help…

Professional caregivers are one of the best answers. Without impacting your work or family demands, you’ll be able to divide caregiving tasks with the caregiver. It eases your stress and ensures your dad ages at home without having to risk his safety.

Caregivers provide a range of duties that include transportation, transfers, housekeeping, and medication reminders. Learn more about the many ways caregivers help Parkinson’s patients by making a call.

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