How Do You Handle Holiday Shopping When Your Mom Has Alzheimer’s?

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Your mom’s always made a big deal of Christmas. She wants to celebrate the holiday just as she always has, but the disease makes it harder. Here are tips to make holiday shopping free of stress and anxiety.


Caregiver in Hallandale FL: Holiday's and Alzheimer's

Caregiver in Hallandale FL: Holiday’s and Alzheimer’s



Set a Strict Budget

Whoever is handling your mom’s finances will know how much she can spend on presents and holiday foods. Get this number and make sure your mom sticks to it. Be honest with her that she needs to stay under that number. Use the calculator on the cell phone to make it easier to track spending while you’re in the store.

Create a Checklist

Go through her friends and family members to have a full list of everyone she wants to purchase gifts for. Now take that budget and figure out how much can be spent on each person. Put this on a checklist that she can carry with her. Keep a copy for yourself in case she loses her.

Pick the Right Time of Day

Your mom is going to have a time of day when she’s at her best. Choose this time for shopping expeditions. She might be in the best frame of mind a couple of hours after her morning medications. She may be better after a full lunch. By picking the ideal time, you avoid issues that might otherwise have her in a meltdown.

Be Prepared to Sneak Items Back

When Alzheimer’s is in the moderate stages, your mom’s going to forget what she has already bought for family members and friends. She’ll think she needs something that she has dozens of at home. Without supervision when shopping and communication between caregivers, you may open her closet you might find dozens of bracelets that she bought for her sister.

Rather than point out that she already had too many of those items, sneak them back onto shelves. It’s highly unlikely that she’ll even remember what she put in the cart.

Expect the Unexpected

Even with detailed planning, things can go wrong. Louder than usual crowds may stress your mom and have her wanting to flee. She may become frustrated because she can’t remember how to sign a receipt. Counting money is often another obstacle.

Watch your mom’s cues. If she seems stressed and ready to call it a day, make sure you leave immediately. If it means not buying items in your basket or cart, there’s always another day.

Partner your holiday shopping outings with a caregiver’s help. You may have to divide shopping trips over many days or weeks. With a home care professional available to take your mom out while you’re at work, it will ease your schedule, too. Learn more about home care services by calling today.


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About the author: Liza Erazo, Administrator
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