Is it Possible to Be a Caregiver Who Works?

Your elderly family member needs you, but your job may need you, too. So, what can you do when you’re faced with what feels like an impossible situation? It might not be as impossible as you fear. Home Care in Deerfield Beach FL: Caregiver Who Works How Much Help Does Your Senior Need? To start out, you might find it helpful to know how much help your elderly family member truly needs. Having this baseline gives you a chance to sort out how vital ... Read more

Four Senior Discounts You Didn’t Know Exist

Senior discounts can help slash bills, but some deals are hidden. It's always advantageous to ask about discounts. A company your parents have been using for years may have a deal available. Here are four senior discounts that older adults don't realize are available. Homecare in Hallandale FL: Senior Discounts Amazon Prime Senior citizens who qualify for Medicaid or who receive government benefits to an EBT card? If so, Amazon offers a discounted Amazon Prime rate. Your parents can pay as little as $6 ... Read more

What is a Hemorrhagic Stroke?

Stand at the sink and wash your hands thoroughly (about 40 seconds according to the CDC). During that time, a stroke occurred somewhere in the country. Now, set a timer for 4 minutes. In the time it takes for the alarm to go off, someone in the United States has died because of a stroke. Strokes of all kinds are a medical emergency. But, the kind of stroke suffered by an older adult informs the care they need to recover as ... Read more

Four Ways Sleep Routines Might Be Messing with Your Senior’s Sleep

Caregiver in Hallandale FL: Senior Sleep Sleep routines keep your senior’s sleep patterns where they need to be so she gets the rest she needs. Setting up a sleep routine is easier than you might think, but you want to avoid some of these mistakes. Sleeping During the Day Makes the Situation Worse Many people with sleep disturbances and issues find that they’re awake a lot during the night and asleep or at least dozing throughout the day. Those naps, whether they’re long ... Read more

Getting a Handle on Medical Information Is Easier than it Seems

You might suddenly find that you and your senior are visiting her doctor, or multiple doctors, a lot more often than in the past. That might mean that you’re balancing lots of different pieces of medical information and that feels like a lot to juggle. Home Care Services in Deerfield Beach FL: Organizing Medical Information Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions Lots of caregivers are nervous about asking questions. You might worry that doctors or even nurses will be irritated if you’re asking questions. ... Read more

Four of the Best Ways to Keep the House Cool on a Hot Day

Much of the U.S. has been seeing hot days and lots of humidity. When it's hot, your parents may not tolerate the heat and humidity as well as they used to. They may also worry about a high electricity bill if they use air conditioning all day. How can you keep their house cool while also keeping their budget in mind? Home Health Care in Coconut Creek FL: Home Cooling Tips Take Advantage of Cooler Nights Providing the temperatures at night are cooler, you ... Read more

Five Tips for When Your Senior Is Being Mean

Very often aging adults start being mean or awful to their caregivers. One reason this happens is that your senior feels safe to do so, oddly enough. It doesn’t feel like a compliment at that moment, though. Here’s how you can try to get through these tough times. Elder Care in Coral Springs FL: Senior Anger Do What You Can to Stay Calm If your senior is feeling as if it’s okay to start venting on you with mean behaviors, getting ... Read more

Are You Dealing with Loneliness as a Caregiver?

Caregiving can be incredibly lonely, even if you’re with other people a lot. How you try to manage your loneliness is what really makes a big difference to your future as a caregiver. Home Health Care in Tamarac FL: Caregiver Loneliness Common Signs of Loneliness Some of the common signs of loneliness might look like something else to you at first. You might feel as if friends and family don’t reach out to you anymore or that you don’t have time for ... Read more

Falling: An Ever-Present Danger For Seniors

As a child develops, many activities, such as running, jumping, climbing, and general exploration can lead to bumps, bruises, scrapes, and falls. In most cases, falls are of minor consequence as the young body is resilient and can heal quickly. Aging, though, hampers the resilience of the body which can prolong the healing process. Therefore, for seniors, falls pose as an extreme danger, and a threat to their safety and independence. Falls are an even greater challenge ... Read more

What Does Your Senior’s Personal Hygiene and His Attitude about it Tell You?

Your senior’s approach to her personal hygiene is going to change over time. It will change because of his health, abilities, and even his emotional well-being. Paying attention to the small changes now can help you to spot potential problems much more quickly. It might be that you need to take over more of these details for your senior. Home Care in Plantation FL: Senior’s Personal Hygiene He’s Avoiding Hygiene Completely Your senior might be avoiding personal hygiene tasks for a variety ... Read more
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