Do You Have More Help than You Think?

As a caregiver, it's really difficult sometimes to see all of the help that's available to you. Some help you need to do a little digging to find, but many sources of assistance are right there waiting for you to ask.     Talk to Friends and Neighbors Even if you don't have a bunch of family members who can help you pick up some of the slack, you may have friends and neighbors who would be happy to help if they just knew what ... Read more

Is it the Right Time to Hire a Caregiver for Mom?

One Long-Distance Caregiver’s Story In Boca Raton, FL: Is It Enough Linda had been concerned about her mother’s well-being for a long time. Ever since her mother had turned 78 and began to have more and more health problems, Linda knew that she needed some type of caregiver. She decided even though she lived more than three hours away that she would be her mother’s caregiver. She wasn’t going to be providing home care in the traditional sense of the word. She was ... Read more