How Can You Tell it’s Time to Talk about Driving?

You might have been waffling with yourself about whether it’s time to talk to your elderly family member about her ability to drive and that’s normal. If you’ve got any concerns at all, though, it’s time to take that plunge. Home Care Services in Aventura FL: Talk about Driving Take Some Trips Together as a Passenger If it’s been a while since you last rode along as a passenger with your senior, now might be the right time to remedy that. As ... Read more

Five Reasons Your Senior Might Be Wandering

Discovering that your senior is suddenly wandering can be absolutely terrifying for caregivers. Often people with dementia start to deliberately wander, either inside or even more frighteningly, outside the home. Here’s why it might be happening. Portrait of the old woman on a green background She Needs Something Specific and Basic Basic needs are one of the biggest reasons your senior might start to wander. Things, like needing the bathroom or being hungry and being unable to meet that need on her own or ... Read more

Is Your Elderly Parent Not Eating Enough?

Worrying about our elderly parents is something all of us do. One of the main things we worry about is whether our elderly parents are eating enough or not. If you don’t think your aging parents are eating enough, it can be helpful to first figure out the reason why they aren’t eating as much as they should be. There are many reasons why seniors don’t eat enough. When it comes to elder care, eating healthily and enough is very important. ... Read more

Falling: An Ever-Present Danger For Seniors

As a child develops, many activities, such as running, jumping, climbing, and general exploration can lead to bumps, bruises, scrapes, and falls. In most cases, falls are of minor consequence as the young body is resilient and can heal quickly. Aging, though, hampers the resilience of the body which can prolong the healing process. Therefore, for seniors, falls pose as an extreme danger, and a threat to their safety and independence. Falls are an even greater challenge ... Read more

Are You Overlooking Signs that Your Senior Is Depressed?

Your senior may have far more reason to be depressed than you might think. His life changes dramatically as he ages and if he’s experiencing serious health issues, he is likely seeing some serious changes. It’s emotionally painful for some people to rely on family members and senior care providers for assistance, which can lead to depression way too easily. Homecare in Aventura FL: Signs Your Senior Is Depressed Stay Alert for Behavioral Changes A depressed person rarely tells the people they ... Read more

Are There Different Kinds of Dementia?

Dementia is the word that doctors use to describe brain changes that lead to memory loss, language, and the ability to make sound decisions. Many people associate these kinds of brain changes with Alzheimer’s disease because it is perhaps the most well-known form of dementia. However, there are actually many other kinds of dementia.     Kinds of Dementia Most types of dementia are caused by incurable diseases and are not reversible. A few are caused by things like medication side effects, emotional problems, alcohol consumption, ... Read more