5 Impactful Life Transitions for Aging Adults

While change is a part of life no matter how old you are, there are many significant life transitions for elderly adults. These life transitions have a profound effect on an elderly loved one’s daily life. When aging adults don’t have support during these life transitions, they can develop significant physical and mental health issues. Family caregivers have the responsibility to Below are a few changes and their potential effects on the older population.  1. RetirementFor many people, retirement is something to ... Read more

Caregivers in Pembroke Pines, FL Battling Stress – Top Tips to Relax

The way to nip stress in the bud is to try and keep the levels as low as possible. Because there are things that can come up on a daily basis that could be stress-inducing, it’s a really good idea to get in the habit of continually keeping the stress levels from increasing. Stress builds up and if not taken care of, can land you in a state of overwhelm. One way to combat stress is to have some strategies that ... Read more