Does My Elderly Father Need Walking Aides?

With age comes a range of illnesses and health issues that can affect how well elderly people can care for themselves. They may need help from people like family caregivers and senior care assistants to accomplish basic tasks. If they are no longer steady on their feet, it may be time for walking aides. If your elderly father seems to have some problems lately with mobility and balance, it may be time for a cane or a walker. The risk of ... Read more

Exposing an Elderly Loved One to New (or Old) Experiences Offers Incredible Benefits: Elder Care Considerations

Elder Care in Ft. Lauderdale FL Taking on new experiences may be something people only really consider when they’re younger, but they can offer a number of benefits for seniors. Even for somebody who requires some type of elder care, whether they have a home care aide stopping by to assist them once a week, family members or friends stopping by to help take care of the house, or they require a visiting nurse, physical therapist, or some other medical professional, the ... Read more