Safety Tips for Home Oxygen Therapy

Many senior citizens are prescribed oxygen for use at home because of conditions that cause difficulty breathing. This is referred to as oxygen therapy. It is usually prescribed when patients exhibit symptoms like coughing, wheezing, rapid breathing, and changes in skin color that indicate oxygen levels are low. Some of the conditions for which oxygen therapy is prescribed include COPD, heart failure, sleep apnea, pneumonia, and asthma. While oxygen therapy is beneficial to those who need it, it can also be ... Read more

Star Multi Care Services® is Featured on the South Florida Approved Senior Network

Home Care in Pembroke Pines FLFor Immediate Release (October 3, 2016, Pembroke Pines, FL, LTCEP) Liza Erazo, Administrator of Star Multi Care Services of Florida has been chosen as the featured provider for all of South Florida for the week of October 3, 2016.  Her tips for family caregivers and other information will be shared all week at Multi Care was chosen because of their dedication to their community and to the clients they serve. Liza has written several articles for ... Read more

Skin Picking in a Senior with Alzheimer’s Disease

Home Care in Pembroke Pines FL If Alzheimer's disease has become a part of your home care journey with your elderly loved one, it is important to recognize that the symptoms that you expect your parent to experience are very likely not the only ones that he is going to experience. Seniors who are dealing with this type of condition very often show symptoms and behaviors that do not make sense to family caregivers and that can be distressing, especially when they ... Read more