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Chair exercises are a wonderful way to boost the mental and physical health of those receiving elderly care. The exercises are not too strenuous, nor do they take up a lot of time, but spending 15 to 20 minutes three days a week can improve muscle tone, make daily activities easier and benefit balance.

Caregivers can lead those receiving senior care through a few minutes of daily exercise. This is a way to connect with each other and improve moods, especially on difficult or emotional days. Those providing senior care may choose to use training tools such as light-weight dumbbells, but the exercises can be performed without additional weights. Other options include holding a soup can in each hand to add resistance.

Warm up by sitting and marching in place. If the one receiving home care cannot use the legs, they can swing the arms back and forth to simulate marching in place. Arm variations such as circles, overhead presses, pushing and pulling in front of the chest can be used for variety.

Strengthen the shoulders by extending straight arms out at the chest level. Positions the palms facing each other and then raise and lower the arms. Imagine lifting a “stinky baby”. Perform eight to 15 lifts.

Improve the tone of the fronts of the upper arms by arm curls. In a seated position, straighten the arms down at the sides and position the palms facing forward. Bend the elbows, keeping them close to the body, and raise the hands toward the shoulders. Then slowly lower the hands. If not using weights, the loved one receiving home care can imagine moving his hands through thick mud. Aim to perform eight to 15 repetitions.

If leg mobility is an option, increase the stability of the legs with leg extensions. The one receiving elderly care sits in the chair with his knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Then, he raises his right foot off the floor and extends the right leg as much as possible. After a one-second pause at the fullest extension, he bends the knee and returns the foot to the floor. Perform an equal number of leg extensions on each leg.

Enhance the backs of the upper arms with overhead extensions. Raise one straight arm overhead and position the palm facing in- toward the head. Bend the elbow and lower the hand behind the head and then straighten the arm to return to the starting position. Perform an equal number of overhead extensions on each arm.

The exercises can be repeated two or three times if the fitness level of the home receiving elder care is at that level. Aim to include the exercises into the weekly routine on two or three days to see the strength-training benefits. Plus, movement is a stress reducer and mood enhancer. If the loved one is experiencing sadness or depression, these small durations of exercise can make a difference.

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