Four Ways to Have a Less Stressful Day Tomorrow

Part of being a caregiver sometimes means troubleshooting your own stress-relief mechanisms to find the ones that work the best for you. Give these a try and see if they help you to have a better day the next day.     Look at Your "To Do" List and Cut it in Half Very few people have what could be called a realistic "to do" list. Most people keep a running list of everything that they want to do and that list can take on ... Read more

Tips for Reducing Fall Risk for Your Senior in Their Bathroom

Each year throughout the United States millions of adults over the age of 64 fall, and many end up needing to seek emergency medical attention to handle the injuries that can occur as a result of these falls. A large percentage of the falls that occur within the home happen in the bathroom. This is by merit of the environment of the bathroom itself as well as the activities that are performed there. As a caregiver it is important that you ... Read more

The Holiday Season and Elderly Loved Ones: What an Adult Child May Learn

Elderly Care in Tamarac FL As the holidays approach, most adult children will start to plan time with their senior parent(s). This is the perfect opportunity to talk with them and see how well they are doing. No matter if the visit is in their home, or in the adult child’s home, there are some tell-tale signs that they may need a helping hand. Visiting the adult child’s home If an elderly loved one is to visit an adult child’s home, there are some essential things ... Read more