5 Things That Can Cause a Fall at Home

We like to think that our loved ones are safe in their homes. Unfortunately, though, many older adults suffer injuries while in their own houses. Falls are one of the most common ways that seniors hurt themselves while at home. In fact, the National Safety Council says that falls are the cause of approximately one-third of all non-fatal injuries in the United States. Part of keeping your elderly family member from falling at home is knowing what could cause them to ... Read more

How Can You Prepare Your Parent for a Power Outage?

Power outages are not uncommon events, particularly during the summer months when severe weather is a more frequent event and storms, high winds, and lightning can result in the power going out. While these outages generally only last for a few minutes, sometimes they can linger on for a few hours or even days. This can be an inconvenient and uncomfortable experience for anyone, but as a family caregiver it is important that you recognize how dangerous it can be for ... Read more

What Are the Most Common Symptoms of Congestive Heart Failure?

Home Care in Boca Raton FL Before your elderly loved one shows significant problems with her heart, she may show more subtle symptoms of congestive heart failure. Knowing what to look for can help you get her to her doctor much more quickly than you might have. Fatigue When your loved one's heart isn't able to function properly, she's likely to feel sluggish and fatigued. The problem is multifold, since the body isn't getting what it needs from the circulatory system. What this can ... Read more

Sickle Cell Disease Awareness

Home Care in Boca Raton FL National Sickle Cell Month takes place in September as a way to educate the public on this disease. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines sickle cell disease as “a group of inherited red blood cell disorders.” Normal red blood cells are able to move through the blood vessels with ease, but the red blood cells of someone with sickle cell disease have a much different texture. They are stickier, firmer, and have a ... Read more

Home Care Can Help – Transitioning from Hospital to Home

Home Care in Boca Raton FL For many seniors who are being discharged from the hospital, the toughest part of their recovery is when they transition from the hospital to home. It is common for the elderly to think that once they are discharged, they are well enough to care for themselves at home.  In reality, it typically means the start of a whole new routine, which includes different medications, resting and/or tending to bandages. Fortunately, there are home care providers who ... Read more