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Imagine having elderly parents who live by themselves, while their children live a large distance from them. That scenario alone is not a scary one, but knowing that your parents are frail and one Caregiver in Pompano Beach FLfall could be fatal or severe injury could cause the adult child to constantly fear receiving the phone call that their parent is in the hospital. Whether the parent is suffering from an injury or has an illness such as dementia, they no longer are able to care for themselves, requiring constant help from their child.

From having parents who were self-sufficient and able to make decisions for their own lives to needing to step in and make all of those decisions for them can be a huge adjustment. Many aging parents are not quick to welcome the change and could end up becoming resentful for their lack of independence.

For seniors who are now required to receive in-home care with the aid of a family caregiver, transitioning from independent to dependent is not a role most elders are willing to take, but with a few steps, this can be an easier change for both the adult child and the parent.

Treat Them with Respect
Since the caregiver is now responsible for making all of the decisions for their aging parents, it is easy to begin treating them like children. Instead of making all of the decision for them without discussing it first, be respectful by asking how they feel about the decision. The family caregiver needs to be considerate of their parents’ feelings, while carefully making decisions that need to be made.

Ask Them for Help
Parents may no longer feel as though they are needed, causing feelings of sadness and depression. Asking for their advice or help in even a minor task would give them back that feeling of being wanted and valued.

Do Not Be Afraid to Say “No”
If the caregiver were to agree to everything they demanded, the adult children would quickly become overwhelmed with their increased responsibilities, leading to burnout and bitterness over having to care for their aging parents. Although there are some tasks that the elder will require the family caregiver to assist with, there are some demands that the senior is able to do themselves and should be declined for the caregiver’s sanity.

Going from a self-sufficient adult to needing to receive elder care from their child is a role change that some elders won’t transition into without a fight. By taking the aging parent’s feelings into consideration and having respect for one another, the relationship between the child and parent will strengthen, even with the change in roles.

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