24-Hour Home Care: Ways for Dementia Caregivers to Practice Self-Care

You’ve spent years raising your children. They’re in school now, and you’re ready to go back into the working world to make money and build your retirement savings. Only your mom is diagnosed with dementia and needs you. You drop everything again and become the primary family caregiver. It’s a cycle that leaves you feeling sad, angry, frustrated, and hopeless. Does it sound familiar? It’s caregiver burnout to blame, and it’s time to address your need for self-care and having some help from 24-hour home care services. If you’re not taking care of yourself, it’s time to embrace self-care with these five steps.

Experience “Me Time”

24-Hour Home Care Deerfield Beach FL - 24-Hour Home Care: Ways for Dementia Caregivers to Practice Self-Care

24-Hour Home Care Deerfield Beach FL – 24-Hour Home Care: Ways for Dementia Caregivers to Practice Self-Care

If you’ve never heard the term “me time,” it’s time to learn it. It’s an hour or two that you set aside every day where you shut a door or go off by yourself. No one is allowed to ask you a question or bother you during that time.

You could shut yourself into your bedroom and walk on a treadmill for an hour. Run a bubble bath and lock the bathroom door. Put on music to drown others out. Do something solely for yourself.

Focus on a Healthy Diet

Self-care starts with the foods you eat. Skip the high-sugar, high-fat foods. Eat fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and plenty of high-fiber minimally processed grains like farro or barley.

Have Fun Outside

Fresh air and sun are two of the best ways to boost your mood. Take time each day to walk for half an hour. Walk in the woods or go to the beach and walk along the shore. If you can’t go that far, walk around the neighborhood or your yard.

Find Hobbies You Love

What hobbies did you love in the past? Head to a store and stock up on the supplies you need. These pursuits engage the mind, which reduces stress and increases cognitive function.

What if you’ve never gotten into hobbies? It’s an excellent time to start. Play puzzle-solving video games and see if it keeps you engaged. Detective games, escape room games, and adventure games require logical thinking and deduction skills.

You might discover that you like knitting, needlework, painting, or gardening. All are popular and engaging hobbies suitable for beginners.

Schedule 24-Hour Home Care Services ASAP

Before you do anything else, call a 24-hour home care specialist and ask about around-the-clock caregiver teams. You can’t overwork yourself trying to be alert when your mom is awake and needing help.

You must focus on your own needs, like getting a whole night’s sleep, which makes you better rested for your job, family, and yourself. You need to be social and engage in enjoyable hobbies. Respite care is the best way to make all of that happen.

Talk to our 24-hour home care expert today. You’ll learn more about pricing and how to schedule the services your mom needs. Arrange respite care to become more relaxed and focused on your mental, emotional, and physical health.

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