There’s no questioning your love and dedication to your family. Since you were young, you have had a close relationship with your family, and you would do anything you could to keep them safe. That hasn’t changed, even after all these years. That’s why, as an adult fast approaching middle age, you didn’t think twice when your elderly mother was facing a difficult time in her life and you had to step in as her caregiver.

Caregiver Lauderhill FL - Being a Caregiver to a Parent Can be Frustrating

Caregiver Lauderhill FL – Being a Caregiver to a Parent Can be Frustrating

Maybe you didn’t think about it at the time, but you became a caregiver for her. Perhaps at the time you saw it only as an act of love. Something anyone who loves their family would do.

True, but that doesn’t remove the incredible responsibility you might have for this individual. Your mother is depending on you. She is counting on you to be there when she needs care and support.

And you’ve been more than ready to step in and be that support. However, after months or even years, it’s wearing on you. There are so many things you’ve given up in order to provide proper care for her. The frustration has been building and it is reaching a tipping point.

What can you, as the caregiver, do when you feel frustrated?

One thing that might have crossed your mind could have been doubt. You might have doubted yourself and begun to wonder whether you were even doing the right thing at all. Or, you might have scolded yourself for even thinking about walking away from all this.

You’re human. You have emotions, even if those emotions don’t seem like they are the right kind of emotions.

Feeling frustrated as a family caregiver is to be expected. It doesn’t matter how good your relationship is with that aging senior; you will feel it at times.

When you do get frustrated, though, it’s time to accept where this is all coming from. Hint: it’s not coming from a failure on your part.

It’s coming from you giving up so much.

You have your life. Most adult caregivers for aging parents never saw this in their future. They never even imagined they would be doing something like this in their life. They took on this great responsibility out of a sense of love or duty.

However, you and all these other caregivers have the right to their own life. You’ve given up hobbies, time with friends, your spouse or partner, are feeling the effects of stress impacting your life, and that will lead to increased frustration.

What can you do?

First, understand that help is available. It comes in the form of home care. Hiring home care doesn’t mean you would have to quit caring for this senior. A home care aide could supplement the care you provide.

Second, accept that you’re human. You can get frustrated. Whether you’re frustrated at yourself, the senior depending on you, the situation, or something else, let the feelings come.

Accept them. Then address them. Often, caregivers find that their frustration stems from a lack of time, an abundance of stress, and just a little bit of help would make a world of difference.

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