Companion Care at Home: Changes to Notice When Seniors Start Walking Daily 

January is National Shape Up Month and the start of a brand new year which makes it the perfect time for seniors to start walking for good health. Walking is a great activity for seniors because it’s easy to do, seniors can do it anywhere, and it doesn’t require anything more than a pair of sturdy sneakers. Seniors can walk alone with a companion care at home provider or a friend. If your senior loved one feels uneasy walking alone it’s probably best to have an elder car provider walk with them so they don’t decide not to go for a walk. Getting in shape doesn’t have to be difficult for seniors. Walking just 15 or 20 minutes each day can be enough to dramatically improve a senior’s health.

Some of the benefits that your senior loved one will get from walking alone or with a companion care at home aide daily include: 

Healthier Weight 

Companion Care at Home Boca Raton FL - Companion Care at Home: Changes to Notice When Seniors Start Walking Daily 

Companion Care at Home Boca Raton FL – Companion Care at Home: Changes to Notice When Seniors Start Walking Daily

It can be tough for seniors to lose weight but walking daily can help. Seniors that walk regularly may lose more fat and have a healthier weight than seniors who don’t get any activity. Some studies have shown that just 20-30 minutes of walking each day can be enough to help seniors lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. Just a slight increase in aerobic activity like walking has big benefits for seniors. 

Lower Risk Of Stroke 

Walking has benefits for the entire body. Walkers can lower their risk of stroke, lower their cholesterol, and improve their heart health by walking. Seniors don’t have to walk particularly fast to get these benefits. A good pace of about 2 miles per hour is enough to get significant benefits from a daily walk. Wearing a fitness tracker or a smart watch can help seniors track how far they are walking and keep track of their heart rate and respiration rate during the walk. That data can help them see in real time how their health changes after a few days of consistent walking. A companion care at home provider can help your senior loved one track their improving fitness and health to help them stay motivated to keep going.  

Improved Circulation 

Circulation is something that many seniors struggle with. As people get older their circulation slows down. Walking is one of the best ways to kick start the circulatory system and get oxygenated blood pumping to the heart, the brain, and throughout the body. Even though it’s recommended that people aim to get 10,000 steps in per day some studies show that there are still a lot of health benefits that come from walking just 5000-7000 steps each day, which is just a few miles.  

Better Mobility 

The more seniors walk the easier it will be for them to walk. Seniors who walk daily have better mobility generally than seniors who don’t. So daily walks can help seniors hang onto their mobility for longer. Seniors who have not been very active will notice that after about a week of consistent walking it’s easier for them to move, balance, and stand.  

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