Tips To Help Recently Widowed Seniors Fight Depression

When your senior parent has lost a spouse they may become withdrawn from the world. That’s understandable, especially if they were married for a long time. But it can also put seniors at risk of becoming depressed and socially isolated. When seniors are depressed and isolated they have a higher risk of developing serious health problems like high blood pressure and heart disease in addition to suffering from symptoms of depression and anxiety. Even after a tragic loss, it’s vital for seniors to stay connected to the world. Having companion care at home providers step in may help them through this situation.

If your senior parent has recently been widowed and you’re concerned that they are isolating themselves and becoming depressed in their grief there are some things that you can do to help them like:

Companion Care At Home

Companion Care at Home Boca Raton FL - Tips To Help Recently Widowed Seniors Fight Depression

Companion Care at Home Boca Raton FL – Tips To Help Recently Widowed Seniors Fight Depression

Companion care at home can really help seniors who are grieving the loss of a spouse. If your senior parent was married for a long time they probably have become accustomed to having someone in the house with them all the time. The house may feel very empty and lonely without their spouse. And their entire routine has been disrupted which can be hard to adjust to. With companion care at home, someone will be in the house with your senior parent to watch TV with them, eat with them, and make the house feel not quite so empty.

Regular Visits And Phone Calls

Make it a point to call your senior parent each day and visit them on a regular basis. Even if they tell you that they are fine and don’t need you to call daily or visit often you should do it anyway. The routine of your calls and visits will help your senior loved one establish a new routine for themselves without their spouse. And it will just make them feel good to know that you care and you are checking up on them. You don’t have to talk for a long time or visit for a long time. Just checking in or stopping in for a few minutes will mean a lot to your senior parent.

Support Groups or Counseling

As much as you want to be there for your senior parent there are some parts of what they’re going through you won’t be able to relate to. And you may be struggling to process your own grief if you lost a parent. Support groups for widowers can be a lifeline for seniors who are struggling with the death of a spouse. When your senior parent joins a support group they will be able to share their feelings and get inspiration from people who understand on a personal level what your senior parent is going through. It can be very helpful and healing.

Professional counseling or therapy can also help your senior parent sort out their feelings and think about what comes next for them now they have gone through a big loss. Talking things out with a professional often is a great way for seniors to process their grief.

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