What You Can Buy Your Dad to Reduce His Fall Risk

Three million older adults fall each year, and 20% of those falls lead to severe injuries. After a fall, older adults often develop a fear of falling again, so they limit their activities. That can cause the joints and muscles to weaken. There are gifts you can purchase for your dad that lower the risk of a fall. This year, give your dad a gift that he’ll enjoy and that helps keep him safe. Having companion care at home services can monitor his safety.

Illuminated Grab Bars

Companion Care at Home Coconut Creek FL - What You Can Buy Your Dad to Reduce His Fall Risk

Companion Care at Home Coconut Creek FL – What You Can Buy Your Dad to Reduce His Fall Risk

Grab bars are essential for providing support in the bathroom. They should be near the toilet and inside and outside of the shower. Purchase and install illuminated ones to add lighting in a dark bathroom at night.

Motion Activated Night Lights

Battery-powered motion-activated night lights illuminate at night when there is motion near them. Your dad never walks in the dark. And, he doesn’t have to turn on overhead lights that are so bright they wake him up.

Non-Slip Shoes and Socks

Does your dad like to walk around his house in his socks? If he has hardwood floors, they’re slippery and can lead to a fall. Invest in slipper socks that feel like socks but grip the floor thanks to gripping soles.

A quality pair of slippers is another good idea. Look for slippers that fit without being too loose or too tight. Memory foam offers comfortable padding and molds to the shape of his foot.

Shoes That Don’t Require Him to Bend Over When Putting Them On

If your dad has fallen while bending over to pull on or tie his shoes, slip-on shoes that don’t require bending down are beneficial. Companies like Kizik and Zeba make sneakers that have a firm heel area to prevent them from collapsing when you step into them.

Hire Companion Care at Home Services for Him

Companion care at home aides are there with your dad when you can’t be. That’s one of the best ways to help him avoid a fall.

Look at the times and areas where your dad is most likely to fall. If he loses his balance getting in and out of bed, those are important times to have a caregiver with him. His prescription medications may make him unsteady, so hire companion care at home services to be there for support until the side effects of his medications fade.

Talk to our companion care at home specialist to learn more. You’ll go over prices and services and book the days and options that help him the most. Call now.

Sources: https://www.cdc.gov/homeandrecreationalsafety/falls/adultfalls.html

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