Elder Care: Reasons Why Cats Are The Purrfect Companions For Seniors

September is Happy Healthy Cat Month! That means it’s a fantastic time to for seniors to consider adopting a cat or two. Studies show that having pets can significantly improve a senior’s mental health. Pets can help seniors fight depression and stay healthy as they get older. Elder care providers can assist a senior with caring for a cat.

Cats specifically are great companions for seniors because:

Elder Care Delray Beach FL - Elder Care: Reasons Why Cats Are The Purrfect Companions For Seniors

Elder Care Delray Beach FL – Elder Care: Reasons Why Cats Are The Purrfect Companions For Seniors

They’re Low Maintenance

Cats are fairly easy to take care of, which means them the ideal companions for seniors. They need food and water and some toys and that’s really about it. Cats are independent and can sleep for between 15-20 hours a day on average. Cat also don’t need a lot of intensive training. Kittens can be very high-intensity so kittens may not be a great choice for seniors but adult cats and senior cats are great pets for seniors.

They Don’t Need Walks

Walking is good for seniors, but some seniors can’t get out and walk easily. Those seniors need pets who don’t need to be walked often in order to be healthy. While an elder care provider can help seniors walk their dog if necessary cats that don’t require walks are a better choice for seniors who have mobility challenges or just don’t want to have to go for a walk every day. Even healthy seniors may not want the obligation of having to take a pet for a walk every single day. Some cats do enjoy walking with a harness and leash but most cats would prefer that they never get taken on walks.

They Love To Snuggle

One of the best reasons seniors should get a cat or two is that cats love to snuggle. Cats and seniors can spend their days snuggling up with each other. The cat gets a nice warm lap and seniors get the mental health benefits of hearing a cat purr and stroking that soft fur. Senior cats, which is any cat older than 9 years old, love to nap and snuggle for hours every day.

Cleaning Up After Them Is Easy

When seniors have dogs they need to clean up after those dogs daily, or clean up the yard at regular intervals to remove all the dog waste that builds up. Cats just need a clean litterbox and they will be happy. They bathe themselves so no baths are required. An elder care provider can help seniors clean a litterbox at regular intervals and that’s really the only special care required for a cat.

They’re Indoor Pets

When you have a dog you also need to have a yard where the dog can play or you have to take it to the dog park regularly for exercise and good health. But cats are perfectly happy to live a life of luxury indoors. As long as they have a soft blanket or bed to sleep on and a warm lap they are absolutely content to stay inside. If you live in an area with cold or snowy weather having a cat in the wintertime means that your senior loved one will be able to enjoy having a pet without being overwhelmed by obligation.

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