Elder Care: Tips for Helping Your Elder to Manage CHF at Home

Congestive heart failure, or CHF, is a leading cause of death for Americans. It’s potentially debilitating, especially if your senior isn’t modifying the few factors that she can control related to congestive heart failure. Here are some ways you and her elder care providers can help.

Make Sure You Understand Her Treatment Plan

Elder Care Tamarac FL - Elder Care: Tips for Helping Your Elder to Manage CHF at Home

Elder Care Tamarac FL – Elder Care: Tips for Helping Your Elder to Manage CHF at Home

Every person with congestive heart failure has a specific plan for maintaining the best health possible. Your senior may need a specific diet, medication, physical therapy, or other treatments. It’s vital that you and she both understand her treatment plan and what’s needed in order to make sure she’s in the best health possible.

Be on the Lookout for Symptoms

It’s also important that you and your senior know what symptoms mean that her health is worsening or that she’s experiencing a flare-up of her condition. Some of those symptoms might involve shortness of breath, edema or swelling in the lower body, or pain in the chest. Reacting quickly according to your senior’s treatment plan can help to minimize the damage from a flare.

Avoid Germs and Illnesses

When someone has a heart illness, that affects every part of their body. Your senior’s heart and lungs work together and if she does happen to catch something, even something as simple as the common cold, that can take a toll on her heart. Your senior’s doctor may recommend that she gets vaccinated against illnesses like the flu and pneumonia. It’s also important to practice good hygiene, particularly hand washing, in order to reduce exposure to germs that could make your senior sick.

Put Together a Support System with Their Elder Care Providers

It’s possible that your senior’s cardiologist wants her to track certain information, like her heart rate, her blood pressure, and more. Having elder care assistance means that your elderly family member has someone watching out for all of that information, ensuring that she’s got the best care possible. Elder care services also means that you’re less likely to feel as if you can’t continue to live your own life.

Your elderly family member may be able to live a long and happy life, even with congestive heart failure. The key to that happening is for your senior to stay on top of what she needs to be doing in order to manage her condition. Eating healthy foods, resting when she should, and staying on target with her health metrics are all part of that process.

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