Elder Care in Boca Raton FL

A pet can play an important role in your parent’s life as they age in place. This animal can help keep your aging loved one’s mental and emotional health high, reduce anxiety, depression, and Elder-Care-in-Boca-Raton-FLloneliness, and even offer physical health benefits including lower blood pressure and better heart rate. With all of the important benefits that a furry best friend can give your parent, it is obvious that you should give that pet the highest quality of care possible.

When the hot weather of summer settles in, your elderly parent’s pet requires more attentive care to avoid potential dangers. With careful attention and love, your loved one’s furry friend can enjoy the summer months with your parent while avoiding the potential dangers that the months bring along with them.


Use these tips to help your parent keep their pet happy and healthy throughout the hot weather months:

  • Do not over-groom them. You might wish that you had no hair on your head when the temperatures really start to soar, but avoid the temptation to play this out on your parent’s pet. Do not cut their fur completely away or reveal too much of their skin. This can actually make them feel hotter and can expose their vulnerable skin to the sun. Just like people, pets can get sunburns and this can make them miserable. Talk to their groomer or vet about the right length for their fur to keep them safe, comfortable, and healthy.
  • Give them plenty of water. Whether your parent keeps food accessible for their pet at all times or limits it to only certain times of day, they should make sure that their water bowl is always full. Keep in mind that the warnings involving giving dogs ice are all based on urban legends and that it is perfectly safe to give a healthy dog ice cubes in their water to help them cool off.
  • Offer frosty treats. You love to reach in to the freezer during the summer and pull out a fruit pop to cool off. Give your parent the same delicious treat to bring their temperature down. Be sure to check with their vet to find fruits that are acceptable for them, or for recipes for making their own.
  • Never leave them outside. Outdoors is no place to live for a pet during the summer. While they can have fun romping and playing, after a little while they need to go back inside where it is cool and they are protected from the sun. Anytime that they are outside make sure that they have access to plenty of water and shade.
  • Never leave them in a parked car. Remember that even with the window down a few inches the temperature in a vehicle can creep up to over 100 degrees in just 10 minutes. This can be quickly fatal for a dog.
  • Avoid hot weather pests. Protect your loved one from the potential irritation, illness, and discomfort of hot weather pests such as fleas, ticks, and other bugs. Make sure that they use the proper pest repellant product and check them regularly to detect pests that may have gotten onto their skin.


An elder care provider can be instrumental in helping your parent care for their pet properly during the winter. This care provider can help them to keep their water and food fresh and healthy, exercise them enough, and manage other tasks that will give their pet a healthy, comfortable, and safe summer.

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