While change is a part of life no matter how old you are, there are many significant life transitions for elderly adults. These life transitions have a profound effect on an elderly loved one’s daily life. When aging adults don’t have support during these life transitions, they can develop significant physical and mental health issues. Family caregivers have the responsibility to Below are a few changes and their potential effects on the older population.


Elder Care in Pembroke Pines FL: Impactful Life Transitions

Elder Care in Pembroke Pines FL: Impactful Life Transitions


1. Retirement

For many people, retirement is something to look forward to. However, many elderly adults must retire due to illness, which can fill them with regret or resentfulness. The transition can be hard for someone that works hard and supports themselves. They may miss the comradery of coworkers, the self-esteem boost from being depended on and the income from a salary. If seniors fail to fill their time with new interests and activities, they can suffer from isolation, irritation, sadness, depression, and anxiety. Family caregivers can help their elderly loved to attend events, catch up with friends and pursue new hobbies.


2. Health

Health issues in elderly adults can impact their daily life like nothing else. Whether it’s something chronic like arthritis or a sudden illness like a stroke or heart attack, seniors will have to make some adjustments in their lifestyles. Family caregivers should assume a greater role in their relative’s life, whether it is short-term or long-term. Other issues might include chronic pain, the expenses of medication and barriers to activity.


3. Home Care Services

Permanent changes to health and ability might signal that it is time for the elderly person to arrange for senior services and home care assistance. If an aging adult has a difficult time with basic tasks like bathing, grooming, cooking, shopping, and driving. Seniors may resist having someone enter their home to care for them, but it is for their own good. Home care services is also a good alternative for those elderly adults that don’t yet need a residential facility.


4. Relocation

If an elderly person’s health and wellness are not sufficient enough to be on their own, even with home care, they may need to tackle a big life transition—moving. Some seniors move in with family members while others must enter into a long-term care facility. For other seniors, the cost of payments and upkeep of their home is simply too much. Selling the family property can be very traumatic for the elderly, as can adjusting to a new environment.


5. Personal Loss

It’s extremely difficult to lose someone close to you, and seniors have greater odds that these kinds of losses will occur. Many seniors struggle with insomnia, isolation, depression and general poor mental health when they are grieving. After a loss, it’s common for elderly adults to have a difficult time moving on and dealing with the death. They battle feelings of guilt, depression, and anxiety every day. Family caregivers can help out by ensuring their loved one gets counseling and access to support groups that offer help.

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