Around 33 percent of adults between the ages of 65 and 75 have lost some of their hearing. After the age of 75, approximately 50 percent have lost their hearing. While it’s a common problem in older adults, many hate admitting they’re losing their hearing. Having elderly care support can help in this situation.

Elderly Care Boca Raton FL - Elderly Care Support for Hearing Loss and Living Alone

Elderly Care Boca Raton FL – Elderly Care Support for Hearing Loss and Living Alone

Your mom is losing her hearing. She’s dealing with the frustration that goes hand in hand with hearing loss. She’s seen her doctor, and there’s little that she can do as the loss is linked to damage of the auditory nerve. You’re worried about her living alone now that she is struggling to hear different tones. Does she need to move out?

Losing your hearing doesn’t have to mean giving up your independence. Your mom may not hear everything, but that doesn’t mean she has to move in with someone else.

Install Visual Aides

The biggest hurdle to living alone when you are losing your hearing is the audible safety alerts or indicators. Smoke alarms, phones, and doorbells are hard to hear if you are wholly or partially deaf. However, there are ways to overcome these obstacles.

If your mom’s doorbell rings and she can’t hear it, there are two ways to address it. She could have a doorbell camera installed that sends alerts to her cellphone. If someone is there, her phone gets an alert. Set the alert to vibrate, and she’ll feel her phone notifications.

The other option is to have a visual doorbell. A flashing doorbell makes it easy for your mom to see when someone is at the door. Do the same with her phone. Get a phone that flashes a strobe light when it’s ringing.

The final thing you must invest in is a visual smoke/fire/carbon monoxide detector. If your mom won’t hear the alarm go off, a flashing light helps her see it.

Carry a Cellphone

When your mom is out for a walk, she always needs to have her cellphone. Then, if something happens, she can text message a friend or relative who lives nearby. It makes it easy for her to get help without trying to hear someone on the phone.

Look at the Help Elderly Care Providers Offer

Talk to your mom about the benefits of elderly care. If she can’t hear, she may not be allowed to drive. It may make it harder for her to take walks when she can’t hear traffic noise and people and dogs coming up behind her. She doesn’t have to give up her favorite activities. She just needs a caregiver to help her continue to enjoy them.

Elderly care aides are happy to drive your mom to stores and other local businesses. They can drive her to the local park and join her on a nature walk. Call our elderly care specialist to learn more about the variety of services available when hearing loss makes independence more of a challenge.


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