You might suddenly find that you and your senior are visiting her doctor, or multiple doctors, a lot more often than in the past. That might mean that you’re balancing lots of different pieces of medical information and that feels like a lot to juggle.

Home Care Services in Deerfield Beach FL: Organizing Medical Information
Home Care Services in Deerfield Beach FL: Organizing Medical Information

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Lots of caregivers are nervous about asking questions. You might worry that doctors or even nurses will be irritated if you’re asking questions. But that’s how you figure out how well you understand something and get clarification when you don’t. Never be afraid to ask questions because that’s going to clear up anything that doesn’t immediately make sense for you.

It Can Help to Take Notes

Something else that can help a lot is for you to take notes during the appointment. When you take notes, that gives you a way to cement what you’re hearing and have something concrete to look over later. Also, you might realize from looking at your notes that you actually have some more questions, so you can take time to follow up with your senior’s doctor. If you find that taking notes is difficult or distracting for you, ask your senior’s doctor if you can record the appointment.

Make Sure You Understand and Follow Instructions Regarding Medications

Medications can start to get really complex, especially if your senior takes quite a few of them or if she has to take them at specific times. The pharmacy gives you written information about the medications, so you might want to hang onto those pamphlets. Some pharmacies also offer a service in which they’ll help you to create a medication timetable to make sure your senior is taking her medications at the right times.

You May Not Always Be Able to Be There

Sometimes you might not be able to even go with your senior to her doctor. This is especially a problem when you have other obligations that you can’t get away from as often as you’d like. One answer might be to hire home care providers to do the driving for your senior and to take notes for you. They can give you a full report about the doctor’s visit and make sure your senior gets home safely.

Dealing with a doctor’s office, even multiple times a month, doesn’t have to feel as scary as it might be for you right now. Take a deep breath and know that you’ve got it all under control.

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