Best Nutrition Tips for Survivors of a Diabetic Stroke

Did your elderly loved one have a diabetic stroke recently? If so, you likely saw them in the emergency room and maybe even went to their doctor’s appointments for follow-ups. You may have heard that to help prevent another stroke and to improve the recovery process, your elderly loved one needs to stick to eating healthy. Hiring home care assistance providers can help with their care.

Here are some nutrition tips that can help your elderly loved one to do this.

Eat Fish 3 Times a Week

Home Care Assistance Boca Raton FL - Best Nutrition Tips for Survivors of a Diabetic Stroke

Home Care Assistance Boca Raton FL – Best Nutrition Tips for Survivors of a Diabetic Stroke

One of the things that diabetic stroke survivors should be doing is eating fish 3 times a week. The fish has protein and healthy fats which are key to improving the recovery process and preventing another stroke. Some of the best fish options to eat that can help during stroke recovery are:

  • Mackerels
  • Sardines
  • Salmon
  • Anchovies

If your elderly loved one can get enough of these omega-3 fatty acids, it can help to reduce the inflammation in their brain and boost their artery and blood vessel health. Hopefully, by doing this, your elderly loved one’s body can heal much better than it would without eating the fish.

Eat Greek Yogurt Daily

Did you know that Greek yogurt is much healthier than dairy, regular yogurt? If your elderly loved one is a diabetic stroke survivor, you and their home care assistance providers that are offering stroke care at home should encourage them to eat Greek yogurt every day during their recovery process. With all the probiotics that are in this type of yogurt, it can help to hopefully, repair organs in the body, reduce the risk of heart disease, and improve the recovery length, too.

Adding Leafy Greens to Their Diet

Your elderly loved one should try to eat at least one serving, if not more, of leafy greens during their recovery process. Some of the best leafy greens to eat after a diabetic stroke are:

  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage
  • Spinach
  • Kale

These leafy greens are low in carbohydrates and high in antioxidants. Studies show that these leafy greens can repair some damaged cells within the body. After a stroke, this is exactly what is needed to ensure a healthier and more profound recovery.

Eating Strawberries for a Snack

When it comes to diabetic stroke recovery, your elderly loved one should be eating healthy in all their meals and snacks. One of the best snack options to have during their recovery is strawberries. Research shows that strawberries can help to lower cholesterol levels and prevent heart disease and strokes.

Hiring Home Care Assistance Providers

These are some of the best nutrition tips for survivors of a diabetic stroke. If your elderly loved one had this type of stroke, you and their home care assistance providers should work with them to create a diet or meal management plan. By adding these foods into that plan, your elderly loved one can have a better recovery than if they weren’t going to eat these foods. In addition, their stroke care at home progress will be much better, too.


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