Home Care: Your Mom’s Well-Being is More Than Regular Doctor Visits

When you think of well-being, do you imagine your mom going for check-ups with her doctor? It’s more than that. Well-being also involves her emotional and mental health. Does your mom often complain about being alone all week? Since she stopped driving, she can’t go out to her favorite stores as often. She’s at home, and no one can visit. Does that make her feel isolated and anxious? That all factors into her well-being. Having home care services can help with these suggestions.

Exercise and Diet Are Important

Home Care Tamarac FL - Home Care: Your Mom's Well-Being is More Than Regular Doctor Visits

Home Care Tamarac FL – Home Care: Your Mom’s Well-Being is More Than Regular Doctor Visits

Getting enough exercise helps combat stress and anxiety. It can help lower the risk of depression. Ideally, your mom wants to get some exercise outside each day. Fresh air is an excellent way to boost happiness and a sense of peace.

A healthy diet is also crucial for your mom’s well-being. She needs to stop binging on sugary, high-fat foods. Instead, she wants to have a diet that balances whole grains, dairy, lean protein (especially fish), fruits, and vegetables.

A few times a week, your mom should have a vegetarian meal. Instead of having spaghetti and meatballs, she could have a bolognese sauce with lentils and diced mushrooms instead of the beef. Serve a grilled portobello mushroom instead of a hamburger.

Have a Day to Goof Off

Your mom has a set schedule that she tries to follow. The routine gets to her after weeks of doing the same things. Take one day every couple of weeks to ignore her routine. Instead of getting up at 7 a.m. to start her day, she could stay in bed and read for an hour.

She has laundry and housework on her list, but she can join you and head to the mall to walk laps and enjoy breakfast at one of the mall cafes. Chores can wait. It’s okay to take a day now and then to unwind and do something fun.

Socialization Is Critical

When a person feels isolated and lonely, it impacts physical and mental health. People who are socially isolated have a higher risk of chronic health conditions like heart disease. Mental health conditions like depression are also more likely to appear.

Make sure your mom has the opportunity to dine with others. She needs to have people available to take her on outings and stop by for a chat. If you live too far away to help out, it’s important to arrange home care services for companionship.

Get Home Care Services Involved

See what your local home care agency offers for companion care. Your mom can have caregivers stop by to chat, join her for a meal, or take her shopping. Having friendly caregivers with her throughout the week makes her less likely to feel isolated and lonely. Call a home care agency to schedule services.

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