Glaucoma Awareness Month: Arrange Home Health Care After Eye Surgery

Around 2.7 million American adults aged 40 or older have glaucoma. What is it? Your eye is filled with a fluid called aqueous humor. It regularly produces this fluid, and older fluid drains out to maintain the optimal pressure within the eye. Sometimes, the fluid fails to drain properly from the drainage angle. Pressure from the fluid builds up and presses on the optic nerve, which impacts vision. Over time, the optic nerve’s different strands begin to die, causing spots. This can lead to partial or permanent blindness. If surgery is needed, hiring home health care providers would help oversee recovery.

Home Health Care Pompano Beach FL - Glaucoma Awareness Month: Arrange Home Health Care After Eye Surgery

Home Health Care Pompano Beach FL – Glaucoma Awareness Month: Arrange Home Health Care After Eye Surgery

Caught early, medications can help lower the pressure. But, not every older adult goes to the eye doctor each year. Ten percent of adults report that they haven’t been to see an eye doctor in five years or longer, and almost 40% haven’t been in the past year. Yearly exams are essential to prevent vision loss from glaucoma.

What Are the Symptoms?

Glaucoma doesn’t have noticeable symptoms. Some people experience red eyes, nausea, and headaches. Blurred vision and eye pain are other signs as damage increases. At this point, medications to lower the pressure within the eye may not be enough. Sometimes, surgery is recommended.

Home Health Care After Eye Surgery

It can take up to six weeks to recover after eye surgery for glaucoma. If laser surgery is possible, the recovery time is shorter. Having home health care nurses available in the initial healing period is helpful.

One of the first things nurses do is to help with bandage changes and incision care. They’ll know what infection looks like and be able to notify your doctor if anything seems wrong. Once the old bandage is carefully removed and any incisions are cleaned and inspected for infection, new bandages are applied as the surgeon recommends.

On the first day, it’s hard to tell how he’ll react to medications. Having a nurse there to ensure that he’s not having a negative reaction is helpful.

Nurses can administer IV medications to prevent infection or help with pain management. If an infection is apparent, a nurse’s help may be able to prevent your dad from having to go back to the hospital for treatment.

Your dad’s nurses can keep track of his blood pressure and make sure it’s not too high. If his blood pressure is high, the nurse works with his medical team on what to do next. He may need to change the medications he’s using, and a nurse can help manage that change.

Talk to His Ophthalmologist About the Post-Surgery Instructions

Before his appointment, talk to your dad’s ophthalmologist to learn more about what he will need for help after the surgery. Once you have a better idea, you can call a home health care advisor and start getting answers to your family’s questions.

Find out how much home health care services cost and what the recommended car schedule is. This helps you make an informed decision as you arrange home health care.


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