Hire Skilled Nurses to Help With Wound Care

Wound care and management are performed to prevent infection and ensure proper healing. The methods used depend on the type of wound. When wound care is necessary, your loved one may not be able to properly take care of their skin without help. If you’re not comfortable or confident that you can do it correctly, home health care providers are beneficial. Nurses can help with wound care and management in your senior’s home.

Home Health Care Pompano Beach FL - Hire Skilled Nurses to Help With Wound Care

Home Health Care Pompano Beach FL – Hire Skilled Nurses to Help With Wound Care

There are pressure sores, such as bed sores, that are caused by damage to skin and tissue due to non-stop pressure. Diabetic patients may have foot wounds or ulcers that can become infected quickly. Cuts and tears in the skin can happen from a scratch, incision, or puncture wound. Exposure to constant moisture, such as urine or sweat getting trapped in creases, can also irritate the skin and create inflammation, fungal growth, and skin damage.

What will a wound care nurse do to help? Here is how home health care services are completed.

Assessment and Creation of a Treatment Plan

The nurse will assess the wounds and determine what needs to be done each day. This may include debridement and cleaning of the wound or sore before bandaging it. If there is an infection, the nurse will talk to a doctor to determine if antibiotics, either topical or pills, are necessary.

It’s also important to figure out what led to the wound. If it’s an incision from a surgical procedure, you’ll know why that happened. But, the cause of a diabetic foot ulcer needs to be pinpointed to prevent it from happening again.

A nurse will know how to look for the signs of areas where the wound could become an abscess. Preventing an abscess is the goal of proper wound care.

Once the wound or sore is cleaned and bandaged, the nurse will teach family caregivers and the patient what to look for as it heals. The nurse may return each day to continue cleaning and assessing the wound to ensure the healing process is going well.

What Happens If There Is An Abscess or Tissue Damage?

If the nurse notices signs of an abscess or tissue damage, medical intervention is often the best step. Doctors will address the damaged tissue and infection and possibly put in a drain to keep fluid from building up in the healing sore.

A deep wound may need to be packed with sterile materials to allow the wound to heal from the inside out. With skilled nursing care, this level of healing is handled properly and prevents rehospitalization for continuing infection.

Talk to our home health care agency about skilled nursing care. You’ll discuss prices and how often your loved one needs a skilled nurse to come to take care of their wound or sore. Call our skilled nursing specialist today to get started.

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