Home Health Care: It’s Time for Your Dad to Get Help Overcoming Obesity

The third week of January marks National Healthy Weight Week. Based on National Health and Nutrition studies, 37.5% of men over 60 are obese. Your dad may be one of them. At his last medical check-up, your dad’s doctor said it’s important for him to lose weight. He has prediabetes and high blood pressure. His cholesterol levels are higher than they should be, especially triglycerides, increasing his risk of heart disease and stroke. He knows it’s time to make changes, but your dad needs help. He doesn’t drive, so his doctor recommends home health care services. How can that help?

Home Visits From a Physical Therapist

Home Health Care Coconut Creek FL - Home Health Care: It's Time for Your Dad to Get Help Overcoming Obesity

Home Health Care Coconut Creek FL – Home Health Care: It’s Time for Your Dad to Get Help Overcoming Obesity

He’ll learn which exercises to start with as he builds stamina and strength. New workouts are added over the weeks and months as his mobility improves. Rather than driving him to a physical therapist’s office every week or more, you can have a physical therapist come to his home.

An Expert in Nutrition Works With Him at Home

Weight loss also involves paying careful attention to diet. Your dad should work with a dietitian to learn proper portion sizes and foods that ensure he gets the right nutrients. His eating habits may need to shift to incorporate more fruits and vegetables, whole grains over processed ones, and lean proteins.

Your dad may be accustomed to a diet focused on restaurant-sized portions, high saturated fat levels, and too much sodium. Learning to cook nutritious meals can be challenging, but at-home nutrition specialists are there to help him and his family caregivers.

If he has health issues like diabetes or high cholesterol, his home nutrition expert helps him understand how to make healthier choices when it comes to his meals and snacks. He’ll learn a new way to approach the things he eats.

Skilled Nurses from Home Health Care Providers Help With Post-Surgical Care

Your dad’s doctor recommended a laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy to help him lose weight. While the incisions are small, he still needs some help with wound care to ensure everything is healing correctly.

His surgeon may recommend breathing exercises to help lower the risk of pneumonia after he’s been intubated for the surgery. He may be on pain medications that need to be carefully monitored. Home health care nurses can assist him with all of that post-surgical care.

Make arrangements by asking his medical team what will best help him with his weight loss goals. Once you know, call our home health care specialist.

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