Everything Your Family Needs to Know About In-Home Care

What are in-home care services? How does it help your mom stay independent? These are two of the most common questions family members start asking when an aging parent’s need for care becomes apparent. Here’s everything your family needs to know.

The Services Offered Through In-Home Care

In-Home Care Lauderhill FL - Everything Your Family Needs to Know About In-Home Care

In-Home Care Lauderhill FL – Everything Your Family Needs to Know About In-Home Care

What services are available from an in-home care agency. The reality is there are more services than you might imagine. You can hire caregivers to help your mom with her bathing and grooming routines. If she’s having a harder time washing her hair and body due to arthritis pain, a caregiver can help her.

Your mom can’t floss and brush her teeth anymore. A toothbrush and floss are too small for her to hold comfortably. Hire in-home care aides to help her with oral care.

Can she walk around easily? If your mom struggles to get up after sitting for a while, hire caregivers to help with ambulation. Her caregiver can support her while she gets her balance after getting out of bed or standing up from the sofa.

Your mom needs help with housework and laundry. That’s another service offered by paid caregivers. She has someone to do change her sheets, wash and dry them, and make sure your mom’s clothes are clean. If your mom has items she likes ironed, that’s also possible.

They can help your mom schedule appointments, drive her to different offices, stop at a pharmacy on the way home, and get her back safely. During the appointment, they can schedule follow-up care and let you know anything the doctor said to tell you.

How about meals and snacks? Does your mom cook anymore or does she order takeout or eat items like canned pasta and soup instead? If she could use help with homemade meals, in-home care aides offer meal preparation services. Plus, they can help her create a shopping list and go shopping for ingredients.

Getting Started With a Caregiver

Sit down with your mom and other decision-makers in the family. Go over the areas where your mom has a hard time doing things for herself or around the house. Make a list of everything she could use help completing each day, week, and month.

For example, you know she needs help remembering to take her pills each day. That’s a daily chore. Once a week, she has laundry that needs doing, but she has a hard time carrying the hamper to the downstairs laundry room. Each month, she needs a ride to the store to pick up her prescription refills and shop for necessities like toilet paper and cleaners.

Once you’ve talked it over and have a list of your mom’s care needs, call our in-home care advisor. Get answers to any questions your family members have and arrange the services your mom needs to maintain independence as she ages at home.

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