Implementing a Plan with In-Home Care Against Another Heart Attack

Even one heart attack is life changing for your elderly family member. Whether your senior has a family history of heart issues or not, avoiding a second heart attack is high priority if she’s had one. Having a plan in place and in-home care services can make all the difference.

Understand What Contributes to Your Senior’s Heart Attack Risk

In-Home Care Coconut Creek FL - Implementing a Plan with In-Home Care Against Another Heart Attack

In-Home Care Coconut Creek FL – Implementing a Plan with In-Home Care Against Another Heart Attack

It is really important that you and your senior both understand what contributed to her heart attack risk before her first heart attack and what’s affecting that risk now. Whether she’s dealing with health factors like high blood pressure or high blood sugar levels or she’s battling a sedentary lifestyle and a poor diet, it’s crucial to know what those factors are. Some of them are things that she can do something about, while others she can only manage as best as she can.

Develop a Plan with Her Doctor

Your senior’s doctor can help her to put together a plan for managing her risk factors. That plan might involve exercise if she’s able to do so, changing her diet, and possibly even medications. Some of that plan might feel overwhelming to your senior and to you at first. The key is to tackle it in small stages and to gradually implement bigger changes. As your senior feels stronger and sees results from the changes she’s making, it can be a lot easier to stick with those routines in the long run.

Make that Plan Easy to Implement

When you start out with the easy changes, that can make all the difference in the world. Prioritize what’s going to give your senior the best results. If she’s a smoker, for instance, that might be the first thing you tackle together. Whatever you’re implementing first, make the changes easy to start and easy to stick with, because that’s going to lead to continued results.

Get Some Extra Help from In-Home Care

Your senior may need some extra help, especially if she’s still recovering from her heart attack. Having help from in-home care providers can make eating healthier meals a lot easier, for example. If your senior is having trouble with activities of daily living, in-home care providers ensure that she’s still comfortable and safe while she’s recovering.

Knowing that your elderly family member has help when she needs it is so crucial when you can’t be there with her every moment. In-home care ensures that if your senior feels worse or experiences anything that doesn’t feel right, she’s got help right there with her.

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