Eye Injury Protection Month, Make Sure Your Mom Takes Care of Her Eyes

July is Eye Injury Protection Month. You may not realize but the majority of severe eye injuries in the elderly occur during a fall. Between 2001 and 2014, eye injuries involving hospitalization increased by 18%. About eight out of ten secondary eye injuries were linked to falls in the elderly. The most common eye injuries in the elderly were fractures of the eye socket, black eyes, and damage to the eyelids and tear ducts. To prevent these injuries, it’s important to lower the risk of a fall and other common eye injuries. Personal care at home providers may assist your loved one when they have such a problem.

Take Her for an Eye Exam

Personal Care at Home Deerfield Beach FL - Eye Injury Protection Month, Make Sure Your Mom Takes Care of Her Eyes

Personal Care at Home Deerfield Beach FL – Eye Injury Protection Month, Make Sure Your Mom Takes Care of Her Eyes

Take your mom to the eye doctor for a routine exam. If she hasn’t been in the past year, she’s overdue. Vision impairments caused by glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration can make it hard for her to see clearly.

If she can’t see clearly, she may not correctly judge depth. She can trip on the stairs, walk into furniture, and fall stepping in and out of the shower.

Rely on Safety Equipment and Personal Care at Home Aides When Showering

Your mom needs to have grab bars installed in her bathroom. If she has a hard time with balance, a shower seat is essential. Make sure she uses her grab bars when she’s getting in and out of the shower or standing up from the toilet.

Use Protective Eyewear When Doing Household Chores

Your mom should get in the habit of using protective eyewear when using chemical cleaners. If she’s cleaning the deck with an anti-algae cleaner, make sure she puts on safety goggles in case anything splashes up.

She should do the same when washing her shower or tub, doing the floors, or washing windows. Your mom may feel they make her face sweaty or feel uncomfortable, but it’s better than a chemical burn to the eyes.

Wear Sunglasses

Your mom needs to protect her eyes from the sun. If she’s outside on a sunny day, she needs to wear larger sunglasses that protect her from UVA and UVB rays. It’s also a good idea to put on sunscreen on her eyelids if the sunglasses don’t fully cover that delicate skin.

Hire Personal Care Aides for Your Mom’s Recovery

Once an eye injury occurs, your mom will find that her abilities to take care of herself are limited until her eye heals. One area where she’ll need a lot of help is with personal care. She can’t see well enough to get in and out of the shower on her own. She can’t brush and floss her teeth on her own.

Personal care at home service is essential when your mom’s vision is impaired. She’ll have caregivers available for showers and hygiene tasks. She has a caregiver there to help her brush and floss her teeth. When it’s time to get dressed, she has a caregiver for that too. Call our personal care at home specialist to get started.

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