How to Talk to Your Senior About Their Driving

There was a time when all it took to get around was a car, a license, and some gas. But for many seniors these days, driving isn’t as simple as it once was for them. Seniors often develop health issues or spend more time at home. These two factors are making driving a more difficult task for seniors. But with the right tools and personal care at home, seniors can still maintain their independence and mobility.

How to Discuss Driving with Seniors

There are several steps that you can take to ensure that your senior is safe on the road.

Personal Care at Home Tamarac FL - How to Talk to Your Senior About Their Driving

Personal Care at Home Tamarac FL – How to Talk to Your Senior About Their Driving

Start by talking to your senior about driving when they’re in the right mood. If you bring up the subject when they’re stressed or angry, they’ll become defensive. Start with a gentle approach.

Ask questions about their driving. If they raise concerns about their driving, address them directly. Don’t dismiss their concerns. Instead, discuss the problem with them to help them feel more comfortable about driving.

Are there any driving situations you’re worried about? For example, do they have trouble backing up? Are they having trouble seeing at night? Does it take them longer to get used to driving in the rain? Discuss what they can do to improve these situations. For example, if your loved one doesn’t want to drive at night because they’re afraid of hitting a deer, you can help by purchasing better headlights.

Discuss the downsides of driving. If your loved one is concerned about the cost of maintaining the car, encourage them to sell the car and buy a new one. If they’re concerned about not having a car in the future, discuss car sharing, carpooling, or public transportation.

When Should You Have This Talk With Your Senior?

Unless your senior has a medical condition, you may want to begin this conversation at age 75. By this time, most seniors are aware of their limitations and are willing to make changes to ensure their safety. The earlier you start this conversation, the more time you have to get them to comply.

How Personal Care at Home Can Help

It’s never easy telling your senior that they are getting old and it is time to stop driving. It can be an awkward conversation that can be avoided.

If your senior is found to be unsafe, there are several ways that you can help. Personal care at home can help your senior find transportation to the doctor or the grocery store. We offer your senior the best personal care at home. Give us a call today and book a consultation!

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