What Your Senior Can Do to Manage GERD

GERD, or gastroesophageal reflux disease, is a little more complex than occasional heartburn. With GERD, your senior most likely experiences burning discomfort every time that she eats. Her doctor may prescribe medications to help your senior to cope with GERD, but there are some lifestyle changes to consider, too, and they might help quite a bit. Bringing in personal care at home to assist with these changes would be useful.

Lifestyle Changes to be Made and Personal Care at Home Services

Increase Her Water Intake

Personal Care at Home Margate FL - What Your Senior Can Do to Manage GERD

Personal Care at Home Margate FL – What Your Senior Can Do to Manage GERD

Drinking a little more water is not a bad idea for most seniors. In fact, most seniors aren’t getting enough water as it is. Sipping enough water throughout the day can help to ensure that your senior’s body is properly hydrated and that she washes any acid back down into her stomach.

Avoid Foods that Trigger Her GERD

Does your senior already know what foods make her GERD symptoms worse? Keeping a food diary for a few weeks can help her to narrow down the specific triggers that make GERD more uncomfortable for her. Many people find that spicy foods or greasy foods are among the biggest culprits. Keeping a food diary might be easier with the help of personal care at home providers, especially if your senior forgets to track what she’s eating.

Eat Smaller, More Frequent Meals

Another way to limit the impact of GERD on your senior’s comfort is to consider offering smaller meals more often throughout the day. This can help your senior to avoid feeling too full, which can cause more acid to back up into her esophagus. With the help of personal care at home providers, your elderly family member can eat healthy meals throughout the day.

Avoid Tight-fitting Clothing

Anything that is too tight around your senior’s stomach or torso may aggravate her GERD. Wearing clothing that’s looser and that flows around her midsection can help her to feel more comfortable. Comfort is a huge concern when your elderly family member is experiencing GERD symptoms.

Elevate Her Pillow at Night

Overnight, GERD symptoms can be so uncomfortable that they cause difficulty for your senior as she tries to sleep. One solution that can help is to elevate your senior’s pillow or to use a wedge under the top of her mattress. This can help to elevate her head and the upper part of her body so that GERD is less of a concern overnight.

Seek Help from Personal Care at Home Providers

Having help from a personal care at home aide can make so much of your senior’s life easier, especially if she’s dealing with a health issue as frustrating as GERD can be.

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