How to Heighten Safety in Your Mom’s Home When She Has Low Vision

Vision changes are part of aging, and sometimes, eye conditions impact how much you can see. Glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy all impact vision. In some situations, glasses improve eyesight, but it’s not always the case. Low vision is defined as vision that cannot be corrected with glasses or contacts. It’s a lasting condition and one that is most commonly caused by macular degeneration. If your mom’s experiencing low vision, it’s important to heighten safety in her home. In-home rehabilitation would provide occupational therapy and physical therapy services to help with the suggestions discussed here.

Changes in the Kitchen

Physical Therapy Margate FL - How to Heighten Safety in Your Mom's Home When She Has Low Vision

Physical Therapy Margate FL – How to Heighten Safety in Your Mom’s Home When She Has Low Vision

Kitchen safety is important, and your mom’s low vision can impact how well she can prepare food. If she cannot read a bottle to know if she has salt or sugar, it’s going to be a problem. Use different containers and packaging to help her differentiate between items.

Make sure anything that is harmful, such as cleaners, is safely stored away from food items and cooking appliances. If your mom has a container of cleaners next to the stove for easy reach, she needs to stop that. Find a space for the cleaners under the sink.

Changes in the Bathroom

If your mom doesn’t have grab bars installed in her bathroom, add them. They should be inside the tub and or shower stall on the walls to the side and front. Grab bars also need to be on the wall to the side of the tub or shower to assist with stepping in and out.

You also want to add grab bars to the side of the toilet and behind. This makes it easier for her to safely sit down and stand back up when using the toilet.

Changes in Living Areas

Remove all clutter from the main living areas and hallways. If your mom has a habit of kicking off her shoes and putting them on the side of her stairs, get a shoe rack and make sure she uses it. Ensure that clutter has a space, and if there is too much stuff in your mom’s home, start thinning out items she never uses.

Changes in Entry Ways and Staircases

Where there are stairs, use colors to make changes in depth stand out. If she is in a raised ranch, the stairs to the lower level and entryway are likely going to be at the beginning of a hallway leading to the bedrooms and bathroom. Contrasting colors help her see where the floor ends and a stair begins.

Make sure the lighting in entryways and on staircases is bright enough. You don’t want to have areas that are dimly lit, which makes it hard to see each step. Floor-level LED pucks that are motion-activated or turn on automatically at night help a lot.

Changes in the Bedroom

One of the most helpful changes in a bedroom and throughout the rest of the home is to install smart technology. Use a smart speaker like Google or Alexa to do things like turn on the TV and find a show or movie, put on music, white noise, or a podcast, and turn on and off the lights.

When using smart bulbs and lighting, your mom can tell her devices to turn on lighting 50%, which adds light without being blinded in the middle of the night. She can also set lights to turn on and off at specific times.

Schedule Occupational and Physical Therapy Appointments

Occupational therapy is important when your mom has low vision. She’ll work with a therapist who will help her learn how to navigate her home, take care of herself, and complete daily activities as her vision diminishes.

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