Take Time to Ask About Physical Therapy After a Fall

Your mom fell on the stairs. She sprained her ankle in the fall. While her doctor hasn’t recommended that she work with a physical therapist, you and your mom should ask if it would benefit her. Here are the benefits of physical therapy services after a fall.

Decreases Fear of Another Fall

Physical Therapy Margate FL - Take Time to Ask About Physical Therapy After a Fall

Physical Therapy Margate FL – Take Time to Ask About Physical Therapy After a Fall

After her fall, your mom is probably nervous about falling again in the same area or situation she was in. She was carrying the hamper to the basement laundry room when she missed a step. The hamper cushioned her fall some, but she still injured herself.

She won’t do laundry again. Your mom is scared the same thing will happen and lead to greater injuries. Plus, she was downstairs alone and in pain until someone stopped by. Ease her fears of another fall by scheduling sessions with a physical therapist and by making sure she has a medic alert system.

Physical Therapy Increases Mobility

Physical therapists help your mom improve her ability. She’ll work on exercises that strengthen joints and muscles. This makes it less painful for her to move around, and that encourages her to stay active. The more active she is, the better it is for her mental and physical health.

Mobility benefits her mental health as she’s able to get out of the house more often. She can walk around her neighborhood or to her friends’ homes. She can go shopping and explore area attractions. All of this enables her to socialize, which is great for her emotional and mental health.

Improves Balance and Flexibility

Your mom’s physical therapist will help her improve her balance. In addition to muscle tone and joint strength, physical therapy aids in balance and stamina. By increasing your mom’s range of motion, her balance improves.

The other benefit of an increased range of motion is improved flexibility. If your mom’s muscles aren’t as tight, she becomes more flexible. She’ll find it easier to bend over to trim her nails or tie her shoes. She’s able to lean farther without falling or retrieve items she could never reach before.

Reduces Pain and Speeds Up the Recovery

Healthier joints and stronger muscles won’t hurt as bad. Chronic pain can increase the risk of a fall and make your mom less likely to want to exercise. Her physical therapy sessions help strengthen joints and muscles, which in turn can ease pain and discomfort.

Finally, working with physical therapists can help speed up the recovery process. Exercise encourages blood flow, and blood flow delivers oxygen to the healing cells and tissue. With faster healing, your mom’s mobility returns faster.

If your mom’s medical team didn’t discuss physical therapy, make sure you ask. With many older adults falling again within a year of their initial fall, it’s worth the investment. Call our physical therapy office to learn more.

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