Five Easy Ways to Help Your Loved One After a Hospital Visit

If your elderly loved one is about to have a hospital visit, it’s not too early to begin planning for what to do once the hospital stay is over. Returning home from a longer hospital visit can sometimes be a bit of an adjustment. It may be comforting to be back in one’s home (or the home of a loving caregiver), but some things may need to be adjusted or changed once your loved one returns. Most changes will probably be temporary as she recovers, but some could be permanent based on what her hospital stay was for. Having assistance from a post-hospital care provider can make adjustments go smoothly.

Post-Hospital Care Lauderhill FL - Five Easy Ways to Help Your Loved One After a Hospital Visit

Post-Hospital Care Lauderhill FL – Five Easy Ways to Help Your Loved One After a Hospital Visit

While there are plenty of areas at the home that should be considered for a possible change in how they are done once your loved one returns, let’s look at five easy ways you can help your loved one as she returns home.

Recuperating areas. Often, these areas comprise a bedroom and maybe a main living area where your loved one can relax and recuperate but not be in bed. To make these areas welcoming to your loved one, consider what her physical restrictions may be after her surgery. For example, hip surgery will require that her bed is low enough and firm enough to make her get in and out without pain. Having a post-hospital care provider on hand to help her maneuver her bed may be of great help. For the living area, if she needs her feet raised, make sure she has a place to recline as she recovers.

Bathroom. Having a post-hospital care provider help with bathing can be a great way to make sure your loved one can feel fresh and clean each day without worrying about harming herself getting in and out of the shower. Make sure any rugs are removed so that she may trip over and provide plenty of light for possible late-night visits.

Meals. If your loved one is returning to her own home, she might not have the energy to create the healthy meals she should have to aid in her recovery. Having family and friends sign up for a meal chain (where each person brings a fully prepared meal each day) can help make sure she gets at least one good meal a day. You can also have her post-hospital care provider come each morning and prep breakfast and easy lunch for her to grab later.

Medication. Your loved one may come home with new medications that she needs to take on a specific schedule. A daily pill dispenser with AM and PM slots can help her keep on track.

Pet care. If your loved one has a pet, she might need extra help caring for and cleaning up after her pet. Enlist a pet walker or someone to clean out the litterboxes each day until she is well enough to do it herself.

While you take care of the “easy” stuff, consider hiring a post-hospital care provider to help with wound management, physical therapy, and any other at-home medical assistance your loved one may need.

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