Things Seniors Need To Recover At Home After A Stroke

If your senior loved one is coming home after being in the hospital or a rehab facility because they had a stroke you should know that the recovery time for a senior recovering from a stroke can be long. Depending on the severity of the stroke and how much damage was done your senior loved one may need months to fully recover. Having post-hospital care at home can help seniors recover because seniors often recover more quickly at home where they are comfortable.

With the right post-hospital care your senior loved one can be comfortable at home. Besides post-hospital care at home from a skilled caregiver seniors who are recovering at home may also need:

A First Floor Bedroom

Post-Hospital Care Fort Lauderdale FL - Things Seniors Need To Recover At Home After A Stroke

Post-Hospital Care Fort Lauderdale FL – Things Seniors Need To Recover At Home After A Stroke

If your senior’s home is two or more stories it’s a good idea to move them down to a first floor bedroom or to create a first floor bedroom for them. Until they are fully recovered the stairs might be too much for them. And if they were to have another stroke, which can happen during recovery, it will be easier and faster to get them to a hospital if they are on the first floor. Talk with a post-hospital care expert about changes that can be made to your senior loved one’s home to make it easier for your senior loved one to live after a stroke.

Around The Clock Care

After a stroke seniors have a higher than average risk of having another stroke. For a little while after they come home your senior loved one should probably have around-the-clock care. That way if they have another stroke a caregiver can get them help immediately. The faster they can get help the better their chances of recovery are. Every minute counts when it comes to a stroke. Seniors who get immediate medical help also have a better chance of avoiding any serious or permanent damage like the loss of mobility or the loss of movement.

A Lot Of Patience

Your senior parent has a lot to adjust to after a stroke. Their body is not working the way they want it to or the way they’re used to it working. They may be cranky, depressed, or just generally unhappy. They’ve been through a lot. You need to have patience and cut them lots of slack while they recover. Visit as much as you can and keep them company. Just being there will help them a lot even when it seems like it’s not helping.


Seniors may be hesitant to get back to their usual routine after a stroke but they need to start moving and resuming their lives once their doctor says it’s ok to do so. You and a skilled caregiver can both provide the motivation that your senior loved one needs to start getting up and start moving again. You can help with their physical therapy and encourage them to keep going throughout their recovery.

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