Senior Home Care Assists with Tips to Keep Teeth Healthy

The average age in America is increasing each year. This means that more and more people are reaching their elder years. This also means that more and more people are suffering from age related health problems. As seniors age, their bodies become less resilient. The body slowly starts to show signs of wear and tear as its cells struggle to repair themselves. This often leads to a number of long term issues, including the loss of teeth. Senior home care services can be there to assist with proper care procedures.

Senior Home Care Boynton Beach FL - Senior Home Care Assists with Tips to Keep Teeth Healthy

Senior Home Care Boynton Beach FL – Senior Home Care Assists with Tips to Keep Teeth Healthy

Unfortunately, a tooth is a lot more than a simple tooth. It is a part of a complex system that contains a number of different components. A tooth consists of a root, a crown, a gum line, and a tooth nerve. Together, these components help to create a healthy and functional tooth.

A tooth is one of the most important body parts that a person has, yet many people don’t understand how important it is to maintain healthy teeth. They think that because they brush regularly, they’re good, but they often don’t realize that they need to go to a dentist regularly to ensure that their teeth remain strong and healthy.

The Causes of Tooth Loss in Seniors

As a person ages, the teeth become more susceptible to damage. In fact, it is estimated that about 26% of seniors over the age of 75 suffer from some form of tooth loss. The following are some of the main reasons why tooth loss occurs at an increased rate in older people.

  1. Periodontal Disease – Also known as gum disease, this is caused by bacteria that is lodged in the gum line. If it goes untreated, it can cause the gum line to dissolve and the teeth to be lost.
  2. Tooth Decay – It occurs when the tooth is infected. If the infection is left untreated, the tooth will ultimately be lost.
  3. Tooth Trauma – This type of condition is often caused by a fall or an accident. It often results in the need to extract the tooth.
  4. Age-related Loss of Enamel – This is a natural part of the aging process. As the years go by, the enamel slowly disintegrates and is lost.
  5. Medications – Certain medications used to treat specific conditions can also cause tooth loss.

Health Problems from Tooth Loss

The loss of a tooth can lead to a number of health problems, including:

  1. A decrease in the function of the mouth.
  2. Decay in the other teeth.
  3. A reduction in the ability to speak and to chew.
  4. An increased risk of infections.
  5. An increased risk of gum disease.
  6. A decrease in the quality of life.

How to Prevent Tooth Loss in Seniors

If you’re caring for an elderly person, it is important that you help them to take the following actions in order to prevent tooth loss:

  1. Make sure their senior home care aide brushes their teeth at least twice a day.
  2. Make sure they use mouthwash.
  3. Make sure they have regular checkups.
  4. Make sure they have regular dental cleanings.

Having Senior Home Care Services to Help

It’s important that seniors take the necessary steps to protect their teeth. With proper senior home care, they can maintain their oral health and prevent the need to have teeth extracted.

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