Tips to Help Your Senior Safely Become More Active

Being more physically active has a ton of different benefits for your senior, but it isn’t necessarily as easy as just going to a gym. There might be more to it that your senior needs to keep in mind when she decides to become more physically active. Having senior home care providers working with them can help your senior try some of these ideas.

Understand Why Getting Active Is a Good Idea

Senior Home Care Delray Beach FL - Tips to Help Your Senior Safely Become More Active

Senior Home Care Delray Beach FL – Tips to Help Your Senior Safely Become More Active

For some people, it’s more important to understand why getting more active is a good idea. Besides improving her overall health, your elderly family member may find that it’s easier for her to avoid injuries and reduce her fall risk. Being more physically active is also a key component in helping her to maintain her independence. So, if your senior’s main goal is to age in place, she needs to be physically active if possible.

Before starting any new exercise program, your elderly family member needs to get clearance from her doctor. Her doctor assesses her current health and can then let your senior know what her limits are in terms of her current health. Exercise helps to improve her health, which may mean that starting a plan now within her limits can help her to eventually become more active.

Any Activity Is Better than No Activity

According to The Centers for Disease Control, adults should aim for 30 minutes per day, or 150 minutes per week, of physical activity. But the reality is that 150 minutes is a pretty big goal, especially if your senior hasn’t been really active in a while. Ramping up her activity levels gradually is a good compromise and some activity is a better option than no activity at all.

Look for Options that Make Your Senior Happy

If your senior is going to become more physically active, the idea is to keep up with that level of activity. To do so, it’s helpful if your senior loves what she’s doing. That’s going to inspire her to stick with it. This might mean that your elderly family member needs to try a few different activities to find what she enjoys.

In addition to loving what she does, your senior should find activities that allow her to strengthen her bones and muscles, become more flexible, and also improve her balance. That might mean that she has two or three main activities that she engages in regularly.

Senior Home Care Aides can Make it Easier to Stick with Exercise

When it’s easy to keep exercising, your elderly family member will keep going. So if transportation is a concern, senior home care providers may be a good idea to do the driving for her. It might also be tough to remember to keep exercise in her weekly routine, and senior home care providers can help your senior to stay on track. Senior home care providers can also help your senior to conserve her energy to stay moving.

Eventually, exercise can become such a regular part of your senior’s life that she doesn’t need as many prompts to keep it in her routine.

Excerpt: Increasing physical activity has big benefits for your senior. So, how do you help her get more active?

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