Older adults have a higher risk of having a chronic health condition. Diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, heart disease, and cancer are just a few of the possible conditions. If your dad is diagnosed with one or more of them, his life will change a little.

Elder Care Boca Raton FL - Tips for Getting Your Dad Help After a Chronic Health Condition is Diagnosed

Elder Care Boca Raton FL – Tips for Getting Your Dad Help After a Chronic Health Condition is Diagnosed

He’s going to be needing regular visits with his doctor and specialists. If he doesn’t drive due to medications he’s taking, he’ll need someone to drive him to and from these appointments. He’ll be taking prescription medications, following a new diet, and/or exercising more often. Someone needs to help by being there for support.

Talk to His Doctors

Start by accompanying your dad to his medical appointments. You can take notes on the things he needs to do and ask questions. You’re also there as a support person for your dad. He may be stressed and that makes it hard to remember everything you’re told.

Keep a list of the things the doctor says your dad may need help doing. For example, your dad may struggle with changes to his diet after he’s diagnosed with heart disease. He may need someone to prepare meals for him. He may need someone to remind him to take medications or do his recommended exercises.

See How Your Dad Feels

Your dad may be more comfortable having family members helping him with some tasks. He might want close family members to clean his home. The opposite can occur. He might not want family helping with household chores. He might prefer a trained professional to provide the elder care services he needs.

Have a List of Needs Ready

Jot down a list of the services he needs. He might need help with laundry. He might only need help with meals. He might need an entire range of services ranging from transportation to help with personal care. You should also consider arranging companionship visits so that he doesn’t feel alone when you’re not able to visit as often as he’d like.

Let Him Take the Lead During Meetings and Interviews

When you call an elder care agency, let your dad lead. He may have questions and want to make decisions on his own. Pay attention to his cues. If he seems to want you to take the lead, do so. If he is happy leading interviews and asking questions, don’t stop him.

Call our elder care agency to learn more about the ways caregivers can help. You’ll find out more about rates. You can also learn how easy it is to change the elder care services he’s getting if his needs change.

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