Elder Care in Boca Raton FL

When you’re talking about communication, there are many aspects that go into effectively communicating an idea orElder Care in Boca Raton FL even having a conversation with another person. When it comes to elder care, being able to communicate properly is not just important for building positive relationships, but it can also lead to improved safety and security for both the caregiver and the elderly individual.

Whether it’s a family member taking care of their loved one or professional home care for the elderly that has been hired to work with the senior client, there are a number of ways to improve and ensure communication skills. As March is International Listening Awareness Month, one of those ways has to do with one’s ability to listen effectively.

1. Give the other individual 100 percent of your attention.

It’s easy to become distracted, especially when you feel as though there is too much to do in too little time. However, whether the senior is talking or you have something important to tell him or her, it’s a good idea to stop whatever you’re doing and sit down and face one another.

Put the phone away, turn off the TV, and cut out other distractions. That will encourage you to give them all of your attention at that time.

2. When talking about something crucial, ask questions.

If the caregiver is trying to provide instructions to the senior client and it is something of importance, he should ask questions to make sure the elderly individual fully understands what was said. A person may be dealing with hearing impairment, partial hearing loss, or might have memory related problems that could make it difficult for him to fully comprehend what was said.  Asking questions helps the other person know that they were effective in communicating this message.

3. Be sure that you understand what the senior is saying.

The elderly individual may be expressing an interest in certain activities they want to try. It’s easy to overlook these or not exactly hear what the elderly individual is saying, especially when you are constantly on the go. That’s why it’s so important to give them your undivided attention.

When the senior is talking and mentioning things that are important to him, if you are distracted by concerns you have, you’re thinking about things you have to do later in the day or in the evening, you’re not going to be listening as clearly as you should.

Make sure you fully understand what the senior is saying so you can support them in the best way possible. Elder care can be an incredible benefit as long as the senior and their caregiver communicate effectively with one another.

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