Helping Your Loved One Recover From a Stroke

After your loved one has suffered from a stroke, the hope is to be able to have them come home again and be able to continue their recovery process. Much of the immediate caretaking probably took place in the hospital or nursing care facility, but as improvements were made, it was time for your loved one to come back home. Arranging for 24-hour home care services in advance can make the process go smoother.

Making that adjustment can be exciting and nerve-wracking. Your loved one will feel much better being back in his old home, but there may need to be adjustments to the area physically, as well as your loved one might need to learn how to do things all over again.

It can be a long process, so here are five tips to keep in mind as you help your loved one recover from a stroke.

24-Hour Home Care Boynton Beach FL - Helping Your Loved One Recover From a Stroke

24-Hour Home Care Boynton Beach FL – Helping Your Loved One Recover From a Stroke

The time of recovery is different for everyone.

Depending on where the stroke occurred, how much damage was done, and your loved one’s overall health, the length of time cannot be well defined as you begin. Since it will most likely be months, and perhaps even longer, having a 24-hour home care provider help in the evenings might be a resource to look into right away so you can continue to attend to the other needs your family has.

Don’t try to do physical therapy all by yourself.

Your loved one may need to learn how to walk again, use a utensil again, or perhaps speak again. Bringing him to his regular appointments will help him make strides in this direction, but a 24-hour home care provider that comes to the home each night can also help him relearn some of the tasks he needs to do.

Make the home fall-proof.

Falls are more common after a stroke, as balance issues, dizziness, and confusion are more prevalent than before. Make sure your loved one’s home is free from tripping hazards, and poorly-lit areas. Whether temporary or permanent, you may need to add support bars along walls and stairways to give your loved one added support. He might also need a 24-hour home care provider to help with bathing and using the bathroom at the beginning of his recovery.

Reduce the risks of another stroke occurring.

It’s not uncommon for a stroke victim to have multiple strokes. As you care for him, you’ll want to reduce his risks of another stroke occurring by helping him make wise food choices, eliminate any smoking or drinking he does, and keep on track with the medication given to him by his physician.

Finally, be patient with yourself and your loved one.

There will be great gains, but there can also be setbacks and sometimes it’ll just seem overwhelming to both of you. Measuring progress no matter how small will help you remember just how far your loved one has come, even on those days when it feels like the road is too long to continue.

Don’t forget, that taking care of yourself will help you take care of your loved one better, so reach out for help as you need it during this road to recovery.

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