National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month: What You Can Help Your Mom Do

Around 6.5 million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease. Your mom is one of them, and you’re considering being her caregiver. You realize it’s going to be a long process, but you’re not sure exactly what you’ll be helping her accomplish every day besides meals and dressing. Hiring Alzheimer’s care providers can help you accomplish your tasks.

National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month takes place in November. Here is what you need to keep in mind when it comes to helping a parent with Alzheimer’s.

Things Your Mom Is Going to Need Help Doing

Alzheimer's Care Pompano Beach FL - National Alzheimer's Awareness Month: What You Can Help Your Mom Do

Alzheimer’s Care Pompano Beach FL – National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month: What You Can Help Your Mom Do

Your mom’s going to start declining and struggle with many tasks over the months and years. Often, her ability to drive her car is one of the first things to go. She won’t be able to navigate safely and her reaction times may not be good enough for her to be behind the wheel.

She’s going to start forgetting more and more. As this happens, she needs to stop cooking. It’s too much of a risk to have her start cooking a meal, walk away from it, and return from a walk to find her kitchen is on fire. If you have to, shut off the power or gas to her stove.

Other things she’ll need help with include bathing and dressing, oral care and nail care, medication reminders, and appointment scheduling. Eventually, she’ll need you to feed her and support her as she moves from a chair or bed to her wheelchair.

It’s Impossible to Predict the Progression’s Timing

How fast or slow will the different stages take? It’s impossible to predict. Some people have Alzheimer’s for just a few years. Others have it for up to 20 years. The average timespan is eight years, but it’s impossible to tell. You just have to dive in and see where the journey takes her.

As it’s impossible to predict how long each stage will take, you have to be ready for anything. Your mom may be fine for months and seemingly enter into non-stop delusions and paranoia overnight. As this stage hits, your mom may start to lash out at you with verbal and physical abuse.

If she does get verbally abusive, you have to remember not to take it personally. It’s hard to do this, but you can’t spend time upset by what she says as she’ll never remember saying the things she says.

Physical abuse is tougher. Try to learn to avoid the kicks, bites, and punches as much as you can. Secure items that can be used as weapons to keep her from having them. This includes heavy pots and pans, knives, and sports equipment like baseball bats.

Also, consider removing her pets from her home at this point. She may lash out at a pet, not realizing it’s that dog or cat she adores. Get her a robotic cat or dog instead and keep the pets out of harm’s way.

Arrange Alzheimer’s Care Aides and Take Breaks

Make sure you take time for yourself, too. Caring for your mom is an act of love, but you need to practice self-care, too. If you burn out or suffer a mental health crisis because you’re overwhelmed, where does that leave her?

Arrange to have Alzheimer’s care assistance for your mom. While caregivers help her with daily routines, you have a few hours or an entire day to take care of yourself. Call our specialist in Alzheimer’s care assistance to get started.

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